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Behringer PP400 MicroPHONO Ultra-Compact Phono Preamp
In the age of the MP3, it can be easy to forget that a turntable signal needs a little help before it reaches a mixer or home stereo if it's going to be heard. Thanks to the Behringer MicroPHONO PP400 phono preamp, your turntable will get the boost it needs to bring your vinyl to life.
Priced from 21.99
ART DeeJayPreII Phono Preamp with RIAA EQ Curve
The DJ PRE II is a high quality phono preamp designed for your home and studio. It acts as an interface between your turntable and your audio recording system. The analog input capacitance can be switched between 100pf and 200pf to optimize your phono cartridge response. A switchable low cut filter removes rumble while leaving the audio pristine. The front gain trim control and signal/clip LED allow you to optimize the preamps gain for a wide range of input sources.
Priced from 39.95
Rolls VP29 Phono Preamp
Phono players require special equalization because of the frequency response of recording on vinyl. The VP29 equalizes and amplifies the phono signal to a clean, and full line level for professional amplification.
Priced from 49.95
ART USB Phono Plus V2 RIAA Phono Preamp
The USBPhonoPlus v2 is the ideal low cost interface solution for transferring any analog or digital audio source, including a turntable into a computer via standard USB connection.
Priced from 79.95