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The Celestial Windowpane

CD Rom for use with Sonic Foundry's ACID, Cakewalk's SONAR and other sequencers that use loops like Cubase and Logic.

CWP turns your application of choice into a Cosmic 21st century virtual Groove Box

Applications:  Trance, particularly "Space Trance",
Ambient, Club Music, and most important, the unheard music of the future--there is new ground broken here!


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You are going to get tools to make very strange music.

1. A CD Rom full--that's  650 megs-- of usable loops and phrases. As many as I can fit.  These are standard .WAV files, all acidized so you can automatically match tempo, key signature and BPM effortlessly.

2. Real Analog Drum Loops--Custom 808-909-ish  patterns, and  cool phrases and kits from the Wavestation, Mystik garage, Ice Kold, Rebirth.  Also there's patterns made on my QS8, JV, VFX and other modules that are super tweaked and club-ready.

3.  Outstanding synths--In addition to my Korg MS20, you will hear vintage Oberheim Matrix Synths, Moogs, the VFX, CZ101, Wavestation, QS8, JV, the new Emagic Software synth Esi, the Electribe, and more, of my best stuff from 13 years of sampling.

4. Fresh and unusual sound effects with an emphasis on space FX, timed and looped to work at dance and trance  BPM's (130-145  for best results)

5. Custom groove box-like phrases developed with particular emphasis on space music.  Tasty analog and digital basses, soft, cold, hard, warm, hehe, some dripping with filter effects, and some so brittle you think they will shatter, all hand carved by the tweakmeister on various machines, samplers, synths, FX boxes.

6. Otherworldly pads and voxs, electromagnetic radiation belts, sounds of big ships passing in the blackness, powerful low frequency "the sounds of space" that will grab you deep in the gut, vocoder sequences, some really nice orchestral sequences that yes, work well with a fast bpm.  The Windowpane will suspend you in an empty void of no-thing, where you can add lyrics, poetry, spoken word, then it will rocket you down to the dance floor, where you will sound as hot as any club music available. You're the captain.  Take it where you want!

7. Algorithmic sequences and arpeggios carefully selected out of a hundred of hours of experimentation. But I didn't stop there.  I tweaked, enhanced, effected, these till they met my high standards of quality, usability, and imaginativeness.

8. Tools to create your own space sounds within the Acid program. You'll get a healthy directory of my acclaimed Mystik garage effects that will help you create a tremendous array of weird sounds.

Use them in Acid, drop them in your sequencer, remixer, sampler, phrase sampler.  If you are using Sonar, Logic or Cubase, it will dramatically extend your loop library.  They can be imported into GarageBand, Intakt and the Ableton Live as well.

Tweakheadz Lab is an independent sound developer that is not affiliated with Sonic Foundry, the creators of Acid.  This product will only be made available at this website. 



Listen Up!
all demos were made only with Windowpane-no other processors or plugins were used

5 min Song: The Celestial GrooveBox
Real Audio
28.8 modems Or get it at my
Acid Planet Page

Take me to Infinity (mp3, 200k)

Theatre Orchestra (mp3, 223k)

Strange Stuff  (mp3, 167k)


There's  Tons, TONs More
and Nobody, Nobody Nobody gives you more quality and quantity than Tweakheadz Lab!

 The Celestial Windowpane is about to be born,  and it's about to blow a hole in our musical cosmology.

Free Stuff

WindowPane Loops!
 Download Here!

  Abduction Room 345k



Read my notes made while producing this CD Rom

The FAQ: Advanced Tips for Acid Users

Celestial Feedback is Coming In
Read what users have to say


Some Cosmic Thoughts

The people of the middle ages knew all about imagination.  They thought the stars were "holes" in a giant black cloth that covered the sky.  The Angels put the cloth over the earth at night so people could sleep.  Imagine the imagination of the time.  Old Texts describe mysterious gods in a great chain of being. The people would look up into the sky at night and look at the flickering stars, these "holes" with great curiosity.  The thought that the gods were up there moving about on the other side of the cloth, and if you were lucky, you might get a glimpse of what they were up to.  These Cosmological Tales were told by candlelight, the product of the vivid powers of Imagination. 

Flash.  Its year 2002.  Now where is your imagination?  We know there is no cloth up there now, and the earth is round.  Now we are sending out probes in search of water on Mars.  A solar system has been discovered much like our own.  Our top thinkers dream into previously unfathomable mysteries and our music...our music....uhhh.. hey guys, don't get stuck.  Dream into the new dimensions! Music, like the mind, has only the rules which we decide to apply.

 Perhaps you wonder..if there is life "out there", what would alien music sound like? If you could get down and party with these beings, what would be on the playlist? Does the Cosmos sing?  What are it's melodies? We know that the universe is filled with the waveforms of energy that we call "sound". If you were to take a step onto the terrain of another orb, what would you hear?  These are some of the questions behind the Celestial Windowpane.  Its like finding a party in a distant solar system. It's wicked. weird. dancey, deep, thoughtful and it is one giant piece of fun!

You Are Here


I can't believe I made this thing!

Rich the TweakMeister



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