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Tweak's Emulator Tips

Translation difficulties going from
ESi format (3.0x)
to EOS format (4.x)

Here is how to quickly correct the preset in EOS

1. Whenever an ESi preset uses the HOLD parameter in its AHDSR envelope with SUSTAIN set to zero (as in the case of gated drums) the envelope will not sound in EOS.  The quick solution to this problem is to raise SUSTAIN to 100% in the EOS envelope and set RELEASE Rates to taste, usually zero. You also may most close resemble a drum gate using the ATK 2 and DCY 1 parameters which the ESi does not have.  

2.  The modifier DELAY is misinterpreted by EOS to being much longer than intended.  A few presets in Ice Kold Tekno and the Mystik Garage use the delay parameter to give a fast Stereo sweep.  This delay is interpreted by EOS to be 1-2 seconds.

3. EOS will take every Esi preset and run it though a cord #1 where VEL< (or negative velocity) =AMP VOL.  To hear the preset as intended, change this cord to VEL> or positive velocity.  Usually the preset will still sound fine if you don't change it, it will just be at a slightly reduced volume. 

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