Test answers:


1.False!  Read it again!  And don't you dare post in my guestbook again till you do!  :)

2. False.  Up to 16 is possible

3. False.  Your soundcard's synth can play the midi events, so can a soft synth or soft sampler.

4. False  Once you record as audio the tempo can't be changed without adding artifacts and degrading the sound.  MIDI can be changed with no loss of fidelity.  

5. False:  Audio Plugins effect audio tracks, not MIDI tracks  

6. False.  Many are, look for the GM logo on the unit.  Most "specialty synths" are not.

7. True!  You can be a horrible player and still get great results with MIDI.   

8. False.  You can do all those things with MIDI tracks.

9.  False.  You need a preamp or mixer with mic preamps to connect a mic to a soundcard

10. True!  Using the soundcard's synths, or patching your keyboard analog out to the soundcard in will work.  The Preamp lets you use a microphone.  Just record each track one at a time as audio. 

11.  True

12.  True

13.  False  Data Coming In the Keyboard MIDI IN  from the computer is copied to the MIDI Thru so other keybaords and devices can get the computers data

14. True

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