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News FROM the LAB!  

Hey, welcome to TweakHeadz Lab! There is a LOT of stuff here pertaining to the craft of electronic music.  This page can get you to most of it. I have put a lot of effort into making this site newbie friendly, but if you are experienced, you will also find many worthwhile items within the content.  For those of you with experience in craft, I invite you to help me with answering questions from those that are new.  


The recession may have hit hard in the musical instrument industry, but creativity takes a back seat in no one's world.  No one knows that better than me.  While things got a little slow economically, I've been under the hood of the sites, working on and refining the free services we offer.  The most important of which is the information technology that makes up the studio enterprise. 

There is an important article on making money in your studio that puts the modern home studio in perspective.  If there is one thing i can tell you it is to embrace your network, your online friends, the same way you would your local contacts.  Connectivity is everything.  Get in position, get ready for a global tsunami.  Get your studio out there.


Peace and best wishes in 2010, your webmaster, Tweak


My how time flies!  I get to this page about once a year.  Right now i am finally learning how to do CSS for this website.  Tweakheadz Lab is now the #1 site on google when you search for "home studio".  Alexa gives us a rank of 82,711 of all sites worldwide.  Thank you for your support. 



The forums have stabilized nicely in the past year and TweakHeadz Lab has grown considerably. January 2007 was our second highest month for web traffic.  We now have a new website for blogs at and many of our regular members have signed on.  Many improvements have been made to  I am now revising articles as fast as I am making new ones, which is a good thing.  The important articles have been revised nearly 30 times.  I am also adding content from studio-central to send you directly to relevant discussions one whatever page you are on.


We had a major forum meltdown from Sept 23 to November 5, when I finally removed the RSS feed.  That took a heavy toll from the TweakLab and all its operations, especially making music and writing articles.  But we have that all sorted now and we are rapidly moving up the internet charts.  TweakHeadz Lab has been rated in the top 100,000 websites in the world


Summer is here and its hot, hot, hot outside.  A great time to kick back and check out the new articles and and the zillions of posts in the forums now.  I am so pleased that any of you have made studio-central part of your routine. Thanks for being here! Look at the huge spike in traffic we had in January!  Thankfully it has settled down a little. 

Best wishes from my studio to yours!

12/29/04 Happy Holidays from the Lab. Many new features were added this month. We have a new showcase of home studios and some new articles and quite a bit of code crunching under the hood. Happy New Year!

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Summer has arrived and it is Hot in the Lab. You should be noticing some changes soon as I am migrating out of Front Page to Dreamweaver, slowly but surely. I finally have my G5 stabilized and productive, having learned a few tricks here and there. Logic is screaming fast and totally stable.


As you see by my articles on the left I have been working with Sonar 3 lately.  Its making a big splash here.  It's hard to believe how powerful the software is getting.  All this as I prepare, albeit slowly, to go Mac. Believe it or not, I have written music (check my Juke box) and done a lot of remastering in this period (though very little sound dev.) working with Sound Forge and Waves plugins. 

A big thanks to those of you helping me out on the forums.  I appreciate your efforts, your answers, your patience with the newbies, and for you just being there.  


Does it ever let up? Nope, it never does. The forums continue rapid traffic increases.  I was thinking it would have leveled off in June but it didn't.  We now have 2,212 registered users and 54,590 visits in June. We may have to migrate to a dedicated server by year's end.  A major system crash in May forced me to replace aging hard drives and stalled the World Cafe.  Then I got into surround and learned Vegas 4 and mastered a few DVDs of old material to get my feet wet.  Might seem like the websites have not changed much but under the hood they have.  Note the search boxes that link to a zZounds Data feed. 


4/4/03  Man, it has been busy.  I am back into the World Cafe project and as regular members know, been logging some hours on the forums.  In addition to the unrelentless programming for the next cd rom, I am learning to play bass, hand drums, flutes, even digerido.  I am pushing my E5000 hard to get it to yield its secrets in terms of world/ambient sound.  Stay tuned for demos and visit the World Cafe Page if interested.

As always I want to thank you for supporting my sites.  I also want to thank regular posters at the forums who help me out with answering newbie questions and post their insights into the recording studio enterprise.  We really have a nice thing going.

1/15/03  The Tweaklab and its online forums are rocking hard, with many new members from many walks of studio life.  You can now post pics of your studio.  Cool huh? I think so. There's a new Google Powered Search of the Lab and new and old Forums which really works well, if you want to find the needle in the haystack of over 10,000 posts.  Winnie and I just finished a remix of the old classic by Nat King Cole "The Girl from Ipanema" not available yet for d/l due to copyright stuff.  I am moving more and more into electro-jazz.




Search WWW

12/21/02  Many, many changes to the sites to make the information more easy to get at have been done.  The forums have almost doubled in users in the past 45 days. I did a site redesign of tweakheadz and just finished a migration to a new server with a little more bandwidth.  Musically speaking, I am investigating the "latin beat" and will soon be uploading more experiments.


The Forums at have taken off quite well and we now have over 300 registered users. It's been great meeting many of you, listening to your music and talking about gear.  Exactly the kind of community I was hoping for.

 I'm starting to take a close look at digital multitrack recorders, a big topic, to be sure.  I am hoping to build a strong resource here so if you know of any great sites, let me know. 


Help Tweak build a Database of Gear Reviews. Review All you gear if you want.  Our community will appreciate it.  Add your reviews here!


Want to get your song reviewed?  It's easy.  Join the studio central community, agree to review two other members songs and yours will get reviewed. Free!


The Lab now has it's own community forums at  Talk about any piece of gear, learn about making music on a computer, post urls to your songs and have them reviewed by other users.  Benefit from a goldmine of tips and studio secrets.  Registration is free!  You get your own personal mailbox and direct access to the Tweak!

Just finished 9/20/02:

Letter from a Dungeon hear Winnie and  my new Mx9000 in action

Sept 18 Status Report:

Tweak has opened a web domain at 

New Song August 14, 2002 Paradise One

New Song Aug 8, 2002:  The Sea of Dreams direct link

More recent songs: Eye of the Moon Goddess, Your daily Weather Report, Cosmo's House n the JukeBox

Song Released The MoonGoddess as a Young Girl in the JukeBox

Status Report:  The World Cafe Sample CD Rom is ON HOLD at about 1/3rd completion.  I will be getting back to it when I decide on format. 

Check out the draft of Spice done with Winnie

Cakewalk has sent me Sonar for Review.  Check the review. !

Just about finished with beta testing Logic 5 and Logic Control.  The Tweak will be open for big projects shortly.

Web page hits for TweakHeadz Lab has gone from 40,000 pages a month to 115,000 in the last 8 months. 


Post Indie Small Pic   Its a massive music making 128 meg bank of over 990 presets. It's called the Post Industrial Cybr Depot It will turn your  Emulator Ultra into an artist's palette of unique and usable sounds. It's finished! Read up on it.

Techno Tweak, small picNew Song: God is an Alien.  Way out there. Sort of Techno-trance  Go ahead and download (3.2 meg)

SoundFonts from the Mystik Garage! Volume 1 is ready and you can download it right now!  Tell me More! Skip the talk! Take me to Voice Crystal!

Pic of Winnie Songs with Winnie Released:
Check Out "How Are you Today"

#1 at MP3 again! And now another hit.  "DeepSpace", an ambient song made with Winnie back in 1997 has made it to #1 of MP3's Spoken Word Genre. Download I am really happy a Winnie and Rich song finally is getting recognition, as we work hard on these.  Thanks to you all for your support!

Song with Juli released "Her Secret Cave" Still a draft and I'm happy to accept feedback.  Needs some work? Download

Woo-Hoo! Gee, good things are happening here.  The TweakMeister makes "musician of the week" in zZounds "Soundz" series.  Go read the Interview

Old Songs Released:  I've started to upload some of my older stuff from the 80's and early 90's.  You'll get to hear old classic analog synths, cz's, tx's, and drum machines in action.  Look for the "Vintage" label at my MP3 site. 

My Song "I am Contacting you from the Next Plane" on made #1 in the experimental/post rock genre Oct 24-Nov 5th. And on Dec 8th it did it again! I am thrilled to no end!   It uses an unusual mastering technique done in sound forge4 to really get wild and crazy.  Help the cause and go listen! Download.

Tweaks Gear picks.  Check out my hand picked deals from zZounds vast warehouse of gear. I've featured my Gear picks over various pages so its mixed with content from my articles
New Gear

Loop Software
General MIDI
Studio  Accessories
Dance Stuff
Sampling Software
Synth Editing
Virtual Synths
Emu Gear

The TweakMeister is working with JillianJillian1.jpg (5257 bytes)
Jillian is a hot new female vocalist on the rise.  Listen to our first song "The Brightening Path".  As always feedback is welcome!

MIDI Drum Tips 

  SoundFont KnowledgeBase 

Hot New Products announced at Namm 2000

Pic of saturnCelestial Windowpane: Its Majestic, Awesome and its Shipping!   Listen a demo 
Real Audio     MP3
Read more.

Getting the Most out of ACID

The Tweak Speaks on the Korg Electribe A and gives you the real truth after a month of heavy use.  More gear Reviews

QS8/7/6.1/R programs uploaded on my Patches page. 

The Tweakz Speakz On the Roland JV1010 and gives you his personal picks on Expansion boards. 

Tweakheadz now has a download pages on the new ACID Planet site and on  Go check them out!  But make sure you come back here, OK?


Album is Happening! Sessions With Ana  Pic of AnaIf you like HOT female vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar on a highly crafted synth landscape this album is for you!  This is an album with intense substance.  You are warned!

Shop at zzounds!What?!  Your other half just does not understand  your art?  Show them you care!   BUY A PIECE of GEAR NOW!  You'll feel much better!  And when you do, they do!   Great Prices on GEAR HERE!

Tweakheadz is a zZounds affiliate. Hey, I wouldn't go with these guys unless I knew they could really deliver great products and prices to you guys.  They can.  I buy from them regularly myself. There is free shipping on some items and no sales tax if you live outside Illinois--saves you big dollars on expensive items.

 If you click through my advertisements before you buy, I get a little credit --so help keep Tweakheadz alive. My service does not cost you a cent. I monitor zZounds every day to find their best deals. You will find my links directly link you to products rather than just to zZounds main page like most affiliates do.   And I have something to tell you about the products.  It makes sense to shop from my site.   Regarding Tweak's Picks on zZounds gear, I only recommend products I know are great values.  Usually, I have the product myself and love it. I won't link to items that I know are about to be discontinued, or are duds, or if there is a better price at other stores.  And I give you the straight scoop in my little reviews. You can even ask questions about gear in my Guestbook I know how it is to buy gear on extremely limited budgets and I hope I can steer you right and help you avoid expensive mistakes. offers the widest selection of name-brand instruments at guaranteed lowest prices. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day.  The perfect music store for the late night Tweak-head.  Ohmygod, I just looked at the clock!  Help! The sun is up!

zZounds Tweak's 
Pick for jaded Tweakz:
  Steinberg Rebirth 2
Lovely Item!
Super Price at zZounds.

 Logicians! VST'ers! Emagic's Logic 4.1 now supports REWIRE, ie. Rebirth! Works great with VST too!  Put a propeller on your head and do some techno 303/808/909 style.  Records real time filter changes and yes, it does sync to Logic. Type "Rebirth" in the search box. Unless you have a real 808 and 909 and 303 in your studio, you need this piece!  By the way, Logic has 4.2.2 on their website ready for download by registered users.

MP3 Flash!
You can hear demos of The Celestial Windowpane project on  

It's Update!'d Go to MP3 and Listen!

All my Audio CDs are for sale at  Hear the Tweakmeister's work and make my day by buying one
  (Some only $5.99) Hint Hint!  Nudge Nudge!
The-getting laid-mix>
link to

OK, OK, I was kidding! is gone by the way

View the Old Guestbook from

 Thanks! to you all for making "Coming of the Ninth Moon"
 # 1 in MP3's Spoken Word Genre for two weeks between Aug 15 and Sept 2.  And on November 4th, it made #1 again and again April 25, 2000! I appreciate you all for your support! And I just found out this song made the TOP TEN for all of '99 in the Books and Spoken genre. 

Tweak's mini-soapbox: went south when Vivendi-Universal lowered, then eliminated the payout for mp3 artists.  I am now with 

You can now buy
  more than books in my
  Amazon Affiliate BookStore.
You can get all kind of yard tools for that next sample cd rom!  Hee!  You might even fool the sig. other into thinking you might mow!  

Your Webmaster
Rich the TweakMeister

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Review of Reaktor Session.  The long awaited Reaktor 4 is now here with it's next-of-kin:  Reaktor Session.  Over a thousand ensembles for your virtual studio at half the price of the big one.

Setting up your Studio for Surround Sound  The Tweak has done it.  Now he shows you how to do this complex operation in simple language.

Tweak's Guide to Control Surfaces.  Tweak walks you through some of the basic issues when considering a control surface, with some handy links for your research

Recording Electric Guitar.  There's many ways to record your guitar now, thanks to the new digital amps and amp modelers.  But we will also get into tried and true mic techniques

All About Cables  Newbie?  Everything you were afraid to ask in discussion groups about cables.  The Tweak walks you through all the different cable types at a very basic level.

 2 part article: Part I: How to Record Vocals and Part II How to Process Vocals

New Products at Namm 2003


Review Sonar 3 by Cakewalk

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Tweak's Pick!  Need I say more?  OK I will. 

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Mixing in the Digital Domain.  You asked for it, now I give you some principles to observe setting up your software mixer

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Review of Sonar 2.0  It's hip, it's hot and it's ready for your audio, your loops, your clips.

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How to write Original Drum Tracks Fast and Furious in a MIDI Sequencer. A simple, effective method that works with MIDI drum tracks

Snap, Crackle, Pop! Get rid of those Nasty clicks and pops in your audio!  Read Tweak's Guide to Troubleshooting Audio Interfaces and Soundcards.

Tweak's Guide to Microphones for the home studio.  I just upgraded mine and here's what i found.

 Using Plugins for professional sounding audio.  So where do you put all these little plugs? Where's the best plugins and how can they transform my mix?  Get the answers

Review of Logic 5.0 and Logic Control.  Yep, I have them, and have been using them for months before the throng.

 Tweak's Guide to Midi Modules.  This is a new page devoted to the tough choice of which module to get, and you get to find out which I think are the best.

 Getting Started with MIDI and building a recording studio.  This article is for the absolute beginner who know nothing at all.  We'll get your soundcard hooked up and you'll be up in a few minutes.  Then I'll show you the basics of setting up a recording studio with very little cash.

The JukeBox is now a really full Juke!  I've managed to link up over 100 songs that I have online and they all play in hi-fi and lo-fi.  Included some of my stranger stuff that I usually keep hidden.  :)  Find out why....but take your medicine 1st, OK?

Ask your Questions here! My discussion groups are alive and well under the new organization. 


How to Tweak your Music PC So your prized 3,000 dollar computer you bought 2 years ago is choking and gasping under the strain of your new softsynths and audio plugins.  You look at your bank account and curse the gods of Wintel!  Chill, its not that bad.  Let me show you the inexpensive way to always have a fast machine. 

Sequencing with REASON and Logic.  Hot off the press.  I find Reason to greatly extend Logic's power and vice versa.  There's a few things you gotta know though so give this article A READ.

Doing it with Digital.  This is a primer that tells you how to make a fully digital recording with as few passes through converters as possible. 

Major Redesign of Tweak's Gear Picks to help you figure out what you want.  Unlike other stores, I am not hear to convince you to buy anything, but to help you make the right choice for your studio.  Lots of helpful tips!

Your Music, Inspiration and Style This article gives common sense advice extracted from the writings of the great Igor Stravinsky, put in a modern language for today's electronic composers.

Fun tips for setting up a Home Studio on a budget.  Things you might not of known that will really help. 

Which Sequencer is Best?
Comparing  Logic,  Cakewalk, Cubase   Tough choice it is, but let the Tweak guide you through the maze of issues.

Mobile Audio Computers, the how, the why, and before you buy info you need if considering this option.

Check out The BUZZ.  Browse the newsgroup feeds in a clearcut way that lets you find all the info you want while searching for information on gear.  Read juicy gossip from inside the industry.  Read all the rants, flames, and slams from those who already bought the gear you are considering.

Vintage Sequencers--take a look at the sequencers of the past, and I'll show you how to download them and run them on your current machine, even those from different platforms!

Upgrading to Windows XP what it is and what it isn't

Sequencer City!  More links and timely info on the sequencer war

Tips on Using Emagic's EXS24 Software Sampler  Some general musings on using the EXS and assembling a massive library with minimal effort.

Using dual video monitors with your DAW.  It's inexpensive with a ton of benefits.

 Secrets to making Great Sounding Samples  Making samples is a craft, and the Tweak has been sampling since the day the Akai S-612 hit the market in 1986.  Dating myself...I know!

How to Burn an Emu CDR   You've got a CDR machine, but how do you burn it in the proprietary format your Emulator will recognize?  The secret lies in a little DOS program....  DOS?  Yeah!

How to Network a Second computer in your Project Studio.  General tips on setting up a local area network with additional computers to dramatically extend the power of your studio.  It's Easier than you think! 

The Perfect Mix Tips on setting up your mix, applicable to both analog boards and digital audio sequencers, plus notes on the arts of mastering and post-production

Surviving SCSI Hell.  This is a primer for the new samplist facing the daunting technical task of connecting a digital sampler to a PC.  It's not so bad when you know what you are doing, and this article spells it out in terms that make sense to musicians.

Choosing the right mixer can be a really hard thing to do when you have no idea what you need.  I'll get you up to speed real fast. 

Secrets of Making a Large SoundFont  Want to build your own virtual synth?  One that has all the samples you always wanted in a synth.  Here's easy steps towards making your own, complete with all the patches and drum kits you want. Let the Tweakmeister show you how to avoid the pitfalls of the novice and get professional results your first time. Go to the New SoundFont Knowlegebase

MIDI Drum Tips  Do people say your drum tracks sound mechanical?  Blow their doors off next time with some authentic sounding trap patterns.  The Tweak lets out a few insights into the construction of drum tracks.

Tips on buying a keyboard  For all of you getting started with building your MIDI enterprise, the tweak gives you some thoughts to consider to help you find the right one for you.

A Recipe for  song construction.  If you are new, this is for you.  Learn how to create new songs fast and efficiently.  Plus you get lots of Tweak's thoughts on the matter....he-he you can "think like a tweak" after you read it. 

A list of Digital Audio Tips  General tips and observations on studio set up.   

Get the most out of ACID with the set of tips I developed for users of my CD Rom Celestial Windowpane.  The Tips will work with any set of loops. 

Tips for  Synth Programmers The TweakMeister takes you under his wing and shows you how to program a synth patch.  This is for beginners to get their tweakhead on straight before undergoing the learning curve.  These tips will hold for any synth, though I often reference the QS8 in this article.

Secrets of Making Money on  The TweakMeister interviews Geoff from the band Noisepie which has made a Top 40 success on MP3. Let Geoff tell you the secrets of rising up the charts and earning big bucks.  Update: Well, they changed the rules so nobody is making money there now, but it still has good info. 

Emulator Resourcesp;

Resources for Emu Samplers I was helping St. Einar with the resurrection of his site.  We're all so busy.  But I try to keep this page up to date.  New discovered links are welcome, and anyone on the Emusaic List can list their site here.  And I dredged up the best of the emu deals at zZounds and found stuff you might not have known they carried. 

Sample CD-Roms Secure Online Ordering  demos support  free samples  reviews
The focus is on blending Space Sounds with modern dance sounds.  It's a real trip! Over 1000 loops.  Majestic, ethereal, weird and very Cosmic!

The  Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra  SoundFonts! $49.99 
  full info  demos  free SF2 bank  support  reviews
Can you do Techno, Big Beat, Euro, Drum N Bass on a soundcard?  Yes!  With this set of 730 analog presets, you will have what you need.  Incredible value. 

The Mystik Garage  Emu Format $39.99 
  full info  demos  free samples  support  reviews
Lo-Fi sounds, unusual drum kits, strange piano, flutes and sound effects recorded in my garage of hi-fi junk.  Get to the cutting edge fast with the Mystik Garage! 

Ice Kold Tekno Emu Format $49.99 
  full info  demos  free samples  support  reviews
I tweaked my vintage Korg MS20 to get every possible sonic nuance out of it, then tweaked all the 575 samples in an editor, and programmed then for over 6 months.  Can you imagine 64 MS20s connected to your desk?  Its Awesome. 


Downloadable SoundFonts               

The Mystik Drum SoundFont .SF2 format

You get the Main drum kit from the Mystik Garage and a few choice other samples.  Its Hot, Its inexpensive and you can get it right now!

Audio  CD Spotlight      Top rated Techno-Acoustic song The Birth Of Teknostrodomous

An Outer-space Fantasy, The Planet Wonder

Listen to the sound of DeepSpace Vocals by Winnie Marcus

The Sessions with Ana Page

In the Mood for time travel?  Check out the Temple Celestial, one of my personal favorites.  


Songwriting and  Philosophy  

Tweak's Crystal Ball  I made some predictions for the synth industry in 1997 and they mostly came true.  Now check out what the crystal ball says in 2001! 

Why Everyone Thinks Today's Music Stinks  You are driving to the in-law's house and s/he is yelling at you about the budget.  A 'love song" comes on the radio and you snap, reaching under the dash to rip out the wiring harness

Musical Form and Cyberspace         Some strange ideas which arose after pondering the nature of music and cyberspace.  Thinking cap required!   

An Essay on Redefining Dance Music.  The Tweakmeister, trained in sociological exploration, turns his gaze on what we are really doing in dance clubs and looks into his crystal ball... 

More Reviews

402.html" target="_self">Review of the Mackie 1402 Analog Mixer

Review of the Planet Earth Module by Emu Systems

Hot New products announced at Namm 2000, 2001, 2002

Review of the Emulator E-5000

Review of the dBX Digital Dynamics Processor

Review of the Proteus 2000.  The Tweak Tells it like it is

Review of the Emu Xtreme Lead Module

Review of the CAD E 200 Microphone

The Tweak Speakz on the Korg Electribe A and gives you the real truth. 

The Tweakz Speakz On the Roland JV1010 and gives you his personal picks on Expansion boards.

Which Sequencer is Best?
Comparing  Logic,  Cakewalk, Cubase   Tough choice it is, but let the Tweak guide you through the maze of issues. 


Logic-Users!   A Pictorial  History  Emagic/C-Lab Sequencers  The Tweakmeister takes you back to the Atari days with screen shots and looks at C-Lab and Emagic through history.

A  Pictorial Tour of  Tweakheadz and  Observations on MIDI and Synthesizers  Take a tour of the Lab over the years, through early multi-tracking, MIDI, sampling, and digital audio.


Tweakheadz Services

Gear at Tweakheadz Studio  

More about the Resident Tweakhead  

Free Stuff                                           

Some Original Midifiles  And some gear recommendations for those who wish to get started.

Free Samples   Samples from all my CDs, with permission to use in your projects granted. 

Sex?  Not here! But we have SYSEX! Banks of Sounds  Check out my new Proteus 2000 sounds. Just added some of my 1st experiments with Propellerhead's Rebirth, and some QS stuff



Lots of you like to send me questions and I try to answer them.  However, you can do me a favor by posting questions to my discussion board, so I don't have to answer them over and over again, OK? 

Some Musically  Useful Links&n
Visit the major ever-expanding MIDI site at MIDIWORLD, a great place for both novice and advanced MIDIphiles. Get the latest industry news at Harmony Central.   For links galore to major equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and lots other studio-related places, go to The MIDIFarm.  Need information on a synth?  Whether its new or vintage, you will find a ton of resources for it at Synth Zone.  Selling used gear?  Looking for a vintage synth? Don't forget about the great site at Sonic State.  Want to find some carefully crafted midifiles of all the great classics?  Look no farther than the Classical Midi Archives.   Emagic Logic Users, check out the Webring!   When you are working on lyrics, and need a quick rhyme, check out this simple Rhyming Dictionary to help keep things going.     Have an Emulator, ESi or Emu sound module? Check out the Emu Resources Pages.


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