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Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra SoundFonts

User Support Files


This space is for Sequencer templates, user's midifiles using the banks, and other items such as Cakewalk Studioware panels, Logic Environments and Cubase VST Studio Modules.

Cakewalk Instrument Definition File. This file contains all the preset names for all 20 banks. Because the Cakewalk SoundFont engine will only automatically load patch names 0-127, you need this file when using the Master Bank and the Drum 'N Bass bank as these SoundFont Banks have multiple sets of MIDI presets. The main drum kit is also defined. Download 7k The latest version of this file is on your Master disk.

Emagic Logic Environment. Contains patch lists for all the banks, hyperedit and mapped drums. Just cut and paste the names into the proper locations for each SF2 bank you load. You also get one of my arpeggiators--sounds really cool with these sounds. The latest version of this file is on your Master disk.

Cubase VST Studio Module PatchList Contains a .dev file with with all the preset names of the Master Bank. Cubase users with Ice Kold version 1.23 should download this file. it's not on your disk.  It is on version 1.24 the current release version. 



Download the Manual and FAQ

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