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The Ice Kold Tekno

SoundFonts for SB Live Series Soundcards

version 1.3 


no longer avaialble


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Can you do real industrial/techno/dance on a soundcard? Not with your standard General MIDI sets! Well you could try but the results are bound to be ahh.. somehow the word "PC-ish" comes to mind. No matter how good you are at sequencing, the result will be severely compromised. If you want to do Techno/Industrial you need the right sounds. The artists among us know that old analog synths provide the defining elements for the Techno arts. Of course you could go out and find an MS20 or other vintage synth (perhaps 600-900 dollars, if you can find one). Then you could spend allot of time learning it, sampling, editing, transferring and programming. Or you could play these great analog originally mono sounds in full surround capable stereo, with tons of voices, with the SB Live soundcard!This SoundFont CD Rom costs more than other sets because, unlike other sets you can buy, this one delivers! Unlike other sets, these banks are ones you will actually use, over and over.  The Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra is in a class by itself.  To my knowledge, it has no competition.  

SoundBlaster Live!Tweakheadz SoundFonts For the SB Live! Series Soundcards  

--Features --

  • 21 Banks of SoundFonts of the Vintage Korg Ms20 Analog Synthesizer (163 megs!)

  • Over 585 Tekno/Industrial Samples from the Korg MS-20

  • Unique "Analog" General MIDI Bank included

  • Its also an Audio CD and Wav file collection

  • More than 730 Unique Presets

  • This is a Complete  Techno synth module, offering far more flexibility than a typical synth expansion board, at a fraction of the cost.


  • These SoundFonts are also ideal for constructing loops for Groove Box samplers, Remixers and for applications like Acid. 

  • Support Files for Logic Audio, Cubase VST and Cakewalk Pro

For More Go to

"The Ice Kold Orkestra"  ,

"Jupiter's Alias"    

"Dreaming at the Machine" 

"Sync City"  


Free SoundFonts! 1mb SF2 Bank taken from the main Bank! Here's 40 of the samples in the Ice Kold Orkestra all in a convenient package.  There's another 545 on the CD Rom and an incredible 740 programs with plenty of analog drum kits, stacks, synth FX loops and looong Ms20 characteristic drones.  Note the quality of this soundfont in the upper register (something few developers give you--Also note that each preset is resynthesized with the Lives! filters an envelopes--another thing most developers don't give you!  Sure you can spend $20 for a set somewhere else, but it will PALE compared the Real Thing--and folks this is it!

Download   (aprox 1mb)

Free Samples

Download the Manual and FAQ

Customer Support Page

As One Tekno Orkestrator writes:

"Congratulations on a great job. This is easily the best collection of sounds I have heard on my SBLive card....The sounds and programming are great and I was really impressed by some of the "extras" like the GM set, the drums and your demos."


List of Samples


Compatibility: Note: The collection is in SF2 format and will not work with cards that use the early SoundFont 1.0 (.SBK) format. Your soundcard must support the SoundFont 2.0 or later  (SF2) format. All the SB Live cards are compatible, including the platinum, mp3, value, x-gamer, as well as the EMU  Audio production Studio, Blaster Keys, MP3 bundle,  and The  Music Box.  The main bank of the set--the one you will want to use the most--is 17 megs. There are smaller versions of this bank, but to get the full effect you will want to have a PC with at least 64 megs on board. The SB Live uses the computer's memory instead of on-board memory like soundcards used to and you can have as much as 32 megs of SoundFonts resident at any time. I had banks working fine on my Pentium 200 while also running Emagic's Logic. Just like having another sampler on the MIDI chain, except this one has lots of polyphony. Check the Creative Labs site for details on hardware requirements. The SF2 format SoundFonts is an emerging standard. I know the soft synth Reality lets you import them, probably others do too, or soon will.

These sounds will work great with 2, 4 and surround speaker configurations. The onboard synth of the SB Live works allot like a professional sampler. All the basics are there, including a usable resonant lo pass filter, 2 LFOs, velocity switching, panning and a with even greater flexibility for layering zones we are used to. Good thing, because with all this polyphony, there's lots of layering and synthesizing to do. My CD-ROM, in addition to giving you over 730 presets, will give you plenty of great analog samples to layer, synthesize, warp, twist and torture when making your own. The Korg MS-20 has a definitive, gutsy, cut through the mix sound. This is the real thing! Professional composers, TV sound producers, DJ's, and recording artists around the world have been using these Ice Kold Samples when they need that "edge". Read what users have to say about them. These aren't just plain old synth samples dropped into a soundfont format. They have been tweaked and programmed with the onboard SB Live synth till they deliver a sound that jumps out the speakers and right into your industrial imagination. I know that sounds corny, but, hey, it's true! Though they sound great in stereo, if you have a 4 speaker setup you will hear incredible industrial noises coming from all over the room. Its really ear candy.

About the Collection

This collection features over 580 samples taken from the vintage Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer. The full set of samples were drawn from my Ice Kold Tekno CD-Rom for Emu-Samplers and reprogrammed to take advantages of the features of the Soundfont environment. Then I added and analog General MIDI set to round it out. There are 20 completely unique banks of various well chosen sizes. The Main Bank is approximately 17 megs and has as of the final count 309 Samples, 525 Instruments and over 530 Presets. That's 4 full MIDI banks each with127 programs and the kits--and that's in the Main SoundFont Bank alone! You can choose to load as many of the banks as you wish till you hit the 32 meg limit. I made some banks in the 1-5 meg range so you can easily add great ms20 sounds to your existing soundfont setup. You can, for example, keep an 8 meg GM bank resident, load the Main Bank and still have room for a bank or two of the more esoteric SoundFonts. I understand your need for flexibility. The really large samples are put in their own banks so you don't have to have them eating up your RAM when you don't plan to use them. In total, there are over 730 presets and over 20 different drum Kits. Its a total synth environment. You have everything you need to make a full composition--the entire analog representation of an orchestra, and great cutting edge industrial/dance/ambient/techno sounds. Its all analog based. You will not sound like everyone else.  And no one will believe your sound is coming from an sblive. 

What kind of Sounds are these?

For synths there's lots of Pads, Keys, Leads, Jupiter-ish, Juno-ish, Moogy things. Lots of resonant sweeps. If you are doing 80's stuff, these SoundFonts will give you those thick saws and resonant basses that music builds upon.

One of the MS20's strengths was its ability to make an animated voice. Is like the synth has vocal cords. Several of the leads use this effect. The Voxs almost like human voices from the Angelic to the Grotesque. If you are doing rave or techno dance stuff this is the ticket.

The drum kit is unique, with analog renditions of an entire percussion kit. Each sample was razor-trimmed in sound forge to make them cut through the mix. If you want a set that Kiks and you are tired of the ubiquitous 808/909 stuff, my kits offer an alternative. Fire up these kits in your sequencer and you can make techno/dance patterns that will rival some of the hottest loops out there.

The MS20 is capable of tremendous sound effects. That's where it gets its name as an industrial synth. Its Blips, blerps, chirps, whines, barks, spits, gurgles, gargles, farts, bubbles, thunders, electrocutes, zaps and explodes.....there are many beautiful noise based presets with the warm grey tones of the old Korg, filtered into fine mists of chaos.  Seascapes, Oceanscapes, ambient factory whistles, factory ambience, giant machines...Ok :) you get the idea. I captured every nuance and filter babble the synth could do. You load them as a SoundFont and you can play them across the keyboard. What started as a little chirp is suddenly like an ethereal voice when pitched low. Has to do with the graininess of the oscillator--lots of sounds of the 70's ish psychedelic electronic stuff is here. You rarely find it on modern synths because its a little too left of center for mass appeal.

In addition to the Tekno industrial sounds, there is a generous array of Pianos, EPs, and vintage sounding keys and organs. There's lots of Orchestral ensembles, strings, brass and winds, even the mallets like Timpani (not so easy to get with analog!) There's plenty of Bells, chimes, and a massive church tower and Pipe Organ. You can do beautiful sounding movie scores with some of my phatt, powerful analog timbres.

If you already own Ice Kold Tekno, this SoundFont edition might be redundant, as you already have 97% of the samples. However, the presets and instruments of Ice Kold SoundFonts were programmed fresh and new from the ground up. They take advantage of the resonant lo-pass filter and the great sweeping filter LFO on the soundcard and the joy of having nearly unlimited instruments and zones to do sound creation. There's no 2 layer limit here! Wait till you hear these samples stacked up 4 and 5 and 6 layers deep, all panned and modulated to give you a fantastic aural image, even in 2 speaker stereo. I admit, I am in love with the aural imaging of sounds. There are sounds on here you can't do on a conventional sampler without resampling or messing with linking presets. I use all kinds of psycho-acoustic tricks to make the sound jump out. Panning. Little bit of detuning where it counts. Doubling, Tripling. with a wee offset. Tiny bits of flange. Virtual LFOs by detuning and counting beats. Creative use of Loop noise. Slow moving LFOs routed to filters. I've been programming synths for 15 years. You don't need to understand my tricks to appreciate the benefits. Your ears will understand.

A Small Part of a Large Sample Pool

Look around for SoundFonts. What you find typically are simple copies from various samplers, limited by 2-layer architecture with little (if any) programming. Or you find older, limited SBK SoundFonts. There are lots of collections to choose from. When you get tired of the standard stuff, look my way. I take the SB Live's SoundFont2 architecture to it's limit. This is SoundFont "native" format. Deep Layers. Intensively programmed.

The GM bank: For those who want to hear their MIDI files played through a Fat Analog Set, I have programmed this bank just for you! Plays any standard MIDI file. The sound is warm and toasty. It will make you smile.

It's here: Customer Support Page for user's songs, sequencer templates, etc.

The banks come on a standard "Mixed Mode" Windows95/98 format CD-Rom disk, burned right here in the Lab. This format is compatible with all CD ROM players (even my ancient 2x from the '486 era). There is an Audio Section, where you get the demos above in glorious 44.1 stereo and there is a Data section where the SF2 files are located.  You just load the banks right off the disk into your SoundFont engine using the SoundFont Audio HQ Utility. Takes about 3-5 seconds to load a new bank and have it instantly available for your sequencer.

Take a look at the names of the Presets in the Main Bank

While I give you hundreds of presets to get started with, you can use the Ice Kold Samples to program your own. To edit the banks, presets, instruments and samples you need to download Vienna SoundFont Studio 2.3 from the Creative Labs site. You need to be a registered owner of the soundcard to get the file. I highly recommend getting this editor. There is also a SoundFont Librarian Editor made by Emu.



no longer available





Master Bank 17.6m

GM Bank 6.5m

Drum'N Bass Bank 

Filtery Loop FX 1.7m

FX and Processed 5.4m

Filters and Stacks 

MultiSamples 4.6m

Signature MS-20 4.2m

On the Radio 1m

Purple Sweeps 615k

Wierd Alarms 1.8m


Tekno Movie 3.1m

Observatory 27.0m

Xtra Long 15.7m

The Ultimate Drone

MS-20 Guitar 13.2m

Just 4 Fun 11.2m

Misc Bank 6.7m

The Grand Sweep

Garfon's Sweep 1m

Demo Bank 244K

Awe32 test Bank 15m




1. The Ice Kold Tekno

2. Asleep at the 

3. Sync City

4. Jupiter's Alias

5. The Ogre pops in


Sure this disk costs more, but you get LOTS more than anyone's comparable product.  

What if I don't have or want an SB Live?

Cool. I still have you covered, as long as your system can read a Windows CD Rom. I am including with this collection the full Ice Kold Tekno set of .WAV files, which are all professionally looped and optimized for samplers and digital audio sequencers. If you have Sound Forge and your sampler supports it, you can send them on to sampler, or if you have one of the new Akai machines, you can load them direct from the sampler or play them from your hard drive. You can also use the long samples--and some are over 30 seconds long in your digital audio sequencer and add effects with your plugins. You can use them as source samples to burn a custom Alesis Q-card on a Flash ram card using the Alesis Soundbridge program. You can also use the samples to make your own SoundFonts mixed in banks with your own material. There's more uses listed in the FAQ. I think including the samples will extend your creativity.

Caution! Use of these Sounds will make Your sound Unique!


Best Regards,

Rich the TweakMeister

Check out my Downloadable Mystik Window Set

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SoundFonts from the Mystik garage

The Creative Labs SB Live Site

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