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Putting Together your Recording Studio

On the Forums

CONFIGURING Your RIG, and Hookup Issues
How do I set up my Rig? What gear works best with What? Also cabling, and all issues regarding connecting MIDI, SCSI, Firewire, USB, S/PDIF, R-BUS, TDIF, ADAT, MTC, SMPTE and others. Also Racks and Studio Furniture can go here.

Discussion on Tweak's Rigs
You can ask questions about each rig here. Advanced users can also suggest alternative ways of acheiving the objective of each rig.

About Your MAC DAW
Here we have discussions of the G4, G5, Powerbook, MacBookPro, Mac-Mini and of course all the Mac-specific hardware and software for building a DAW. It's a great time to be on the Mac platform!

About Your PC DAW
A DAW is a digital Audio Workstation--a computer optimized to run audio applications. They can be tricky to buy, build and maintain. Add your tips! PC Builders welcome!

Creating Your Studio






Tweak's Articles on
Essential Studio Concepts

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MIDI Basics
The Many Functions of MIDI Data
The Audio Interface
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Signal Flow of a MultiTrack Studio
Assembling Your Studio Rig
Studio setup in a Nutshell
5 Hot Tips
Building a Quiet Room
Understanding MIDI Interfaces
The War on Hum
Multiple Video Displays
Latency and how to Deal
Word Clock
Everything About Cables
Digital Audio Converters
Bit Depth and Sample Rate
Studio Monitors
Impedance for Musicicans
How to setup a Patchbay
Room Acoustics Basics
Studio Monitors Price List
Acoustic Products
Catalog of MIDI Interfaces



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