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Acoustic Treatment

What does Acoustic Treatment do?
Many people think acoustic treatment is for "soundproofing" their room.  Actually, that is not the case at all.  What foam does is absorb high frequencies bouncing around the room and gives your studio a "deader" sound, with fewer reflections.  It allows for microphones to pic up the sound more directly from the instrument being recorded and it allows you to hear what is coming out of your monitors without ringing frequencies.  To absorb some of the excess bass energies, bass traps are put in corners to help reduce 'standing waves" or resonant bass frequencies.  In sum, good use of foam can quiet your room of things you don't want to hear. 




Auralex MoPAD Isolation Pad

Ready Acoustics C424GY Chameleon Bass Traps (Grey)

Auralex 2SF22 2 in. Studiofoam-22 Wedges SmartPak

Auralex HD64GIG Hoverdeck Drum Isolation Platform


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