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Mixing and Mastering
Choosing a Mixer for your Studio
Understanding your Mixer
Digital Mixers
Classic Analog Mixers
How to Hookup a Mixer
Guide to Control Surfaces
How to use EQ
How to Use a Compressor
Using Pan Controls
The Perfect Mix
Review of the UAD 4k Processors
Mixing on a Virtual Console
Tascam DM3200 Resource
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Elements of Mastering
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A Quick Primer on Mixers:
A 2+2 bus mixer typically has both main stereo outs and an "alt 3-4" or "subgroups out" for connecting to a soundcard. These are fine for using a computer as a recorder. Stereo mixers do not have this bus. I do not recommend them for computer multi-track recording A 4-bus mixer typically has main stereo outs plus two alt or subgroup busses. These are great if you have a soundcard or audio interface with more than 2 inputs.  However, some manufacturers call their 2+2 mixer 4-bus mixers because they count the main outs as 2 and the alt bus as two more.  So  be careful you might find some 2+2 mixers lurking the in zzounds 4-bus category.

Stereo and 2+2 Bus Mixers

4-Bus Mixers

Rack Mixers

Digital Mixers













Allen and Heath ZED14 Mixer with USB Interface
The Allen and Heath ZED-14 has a fantastic pedigree which comes from nearly 40 years of making mixing desks for the professional sound community. The audio circuitry is based on years of continual development and refinement and the performance of all the elements within the mixer is has been perfected to ensure the very best sound quality possible.

Allen and Heath ZED436 36-Channel Mixer with USB Interface
The ZED 4-Bus series takes inspiration from different product lines within the A&H range, combining them with fresh new ideas to give stunning results in a neat and easy to use package. The padless DuoPreTM mic/line pre-amplifier is the new design first implemented on the ZED-14 and delivers a high-headroom, low-noise signal. The 4 band, 2 sweep EQ, along with the low noise summing amps, is borrowed from the acclaimed GL2400, while the bus architecture is a simplified, but equally comprehensive, version of that employed in the successful GL series.

Soundcraft LX7II32 32-Channel Mixer
The hugely successful and popular Soundcraft LX7 console has received an upgrade to the LX7ii -- both in terms of audio specification and cosmetics. The stylish new desk gets its looks from the highly successful and popular MH3 and MH4 touring sound consoles, and includes a new frame, module ID graphics and end-cheeks, making the LX7ii not only easy to use but creating a system that will be the envy of professionals everywhere.



















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