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Multi Track Recorders

What is a multi-track recorder?
A multi track recorder is a device that lets you record sounds on different tracks at different times and lets you play them all back together.  With a multi track recorder you do not need a computer to make musical productions.

Multi track recorders are ideal for bands and for recording live.  You can interface MTRs with computers if you like and get the best of both worlds.  For more on that see my Overview

Zoom R16 Recording Package
The introduction of Zoom's R16 recorder rocked the audio world. With it finally you can multi-track on the move or at your computer without breaking your back or your wallet. We thought now would be the perfect time to pair up some great gear with it such as the Samson C01 condenser mic, and StudioDock 3i (with its own unique/cool iPod dock) that will get you recording anywhere you need at home or away.













 Overview of Multitrack Recorders


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