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Digital Samplers

What is a Sampler
A Sampler is a device that records fragments of audio and lets you play them back on a MIDI keyboard or on drum machine pads or electronic drums.  Samplers are used in nearly all music production today, from orchestral movie scores to hip hop.  There are two basic types of samplers--hardware and software.  You can load any sound you want into a sampler, making them extremely flexible audio-wise for many uses.  With a MIDI sequencer and a good sampler, you can do incredible things. 





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INDEX of Sampling And Sound Development
Secrets of Sampling
Using your Hardware Sampler Creatively
How to Burn a Sample CD Rom
Surviving SCSI Hell
Resources for Emu Hardware Samplers
Connect your Hardware Sampler to your PC
Emulator X2 Soft Sampler
Working as a Sound Developer
Build your own Soft Synth with SoundFonts
Downloadable Sounds at zZounds
Field Recorders
Audio for Video and Film
Review of Sound Forge
Tweak's Sample CD Roms
Tweak's Synth Patches for Select Synths
Convert your ESI banks to EOS
Zoom H4 Review
Samplers Price List


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