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The Post Industrial 
Cyber-Sound Depot 

"Enlightened 21st century Techno Industrial, infused with feeling"

999 Samples, 990 very hip presets.  This bank of sounds will fill your Emulator to the brim and transform it into a unique master synthesizer, combining samples of analog, digital, PCM and Software synths with a selection of acoustic instruments.  

100% EOS Native! 
made on an E5000 Ultra.  EOS sampler required. 
128 Meg EOS sampler running EOS 4.1 or above is recommended. (Works with 4.7)

Price no longer available 

(was $79.95+$5 shipping)
and worth every cent

Availability:  Not in stock. 



Cool Features

  • The ultimate repository of industrial synth noises, synth patches, digital/analog atmospheres or pads, bpm patches, synthesized orchestras, analog filter effects and ambient-industrial-electronica drums and real percussion.

  • Massive 128 meg bank, crammed with the good stuff.   999 samples and 980 presets, all superbly tweaked The box cannot hold more!  

  • The samples are from  the Korg MS20, from digital FM synthesis, VFX vector synthesis, Roland's Linear Alogrithmic Synthesis, the Wavestation's unique multilayered PCM synthesis and Casio's Phase Distortion Synthesis. There's also a wealth of unique FM "noise-forms" as well as sonic experiments from my new software synths, the Pro 52, ES1 and Dynamo--and it's many onboard synths. There is also some new, pristinely sampled acoustic and electric guitars, beautifully sampled percussion instruments and other acoustic odds and ends, as well as bits and snips from the best of my sound archives

  • I've included some of the samples and presets from Ice Kold Tekno You'll get some of great MS20 sounds from that sample CD including the best drum kits. Selected presets were recast in EOS to take advantage of cords and controllers. Every sample was re-looped and re optimized.  The really long Ice Kold single shot drones (which were so big they had to have a separate bank in Ice Kold) are now looped and crossfaded to make them more useable and loadable in typical projects.  

  • Controllers A-D defined for nearly every preset. If you have knobs somewhere in your rig or sequencer, you will discover tremendous real time effects with every preset.  Every patch is tweaked and the emu filters are given a total workout.   

  • Beautifully articulated ambient sounds that are squeaky clean and precise.  There's beautiful synth flutes strings, lots of soft mallets, ethereal bells and whistles, winds and seas, and scores of SpaceScapes with plenty of abstract machines and other sound objects to put in them.  I also added lots of great clean percussion samples to make the palette sound worldly and exotic. My Ambient percussion Kit took several days to make and I sampled lots of new stuff for it.  I think it actually has healing qualities. 

  • There are some loops from the Celestial Windowpane acid collection, artfully downsampled to lo-fi and wave hammered for hot loop effects of a space-oriented nature. These loops are deigned to function as accents to make your compositions more interesting.  Spices.  Not the main meal.

  • Unique samples mouse tweaked from my arsenal of virtual synths:  Rebirth, Pro52, ES1, and Dynamo.  These samples are as hot and as cutting edge as you will find in any module.  Add the EOS cords and filters, with its near magical sound quality and you will instantly be appreciative of new directions for your art. There's tons of retro sounding samples tweaked hard till they deliver.

  • Extensive use of EOS layering, filters and cords, to come up with both classic synth sounds and the totally unheard.  Short, Long, Bright, Dark, Warm, Cold.  This is a total synthesizer artistic palette of sound colors. Unlike most cd roms, you can do a complete project using only the Master bank. And if you have tons of gear, The Cyber Sound Depot will provide a unique sonic personality you will want to return to again and again.  You will appreciate its vibe, its total organization and user friendliness. 

  • You can do a variety of musical styles with these sounds from Kik'n Trance and DNB to subtle and quiet Ambient. You can even get bombastically Orchestral, if you like synth orchestras. Live Performers will find sounds that makes the audience pay attention. Space musicians will appreciate the wild hanging, panning, dopplering noises and thick cold digital pads, blerps and ticks. And if you'd rather have sweaty analog, the absolute best analog samples are here in tremendous variety.  Those doing radio, TV and film will find production-ready sounds ready for use that ARE different than anything out there.  Some of my sounds will rip your head off, and grab the attention of casual listeners. I'm giving you what you need to get on the edge.  You can easily make today's popular dancey stuff, and when you decide to create an atmospheres, drench a mood, or punch through and shoot for the edge, you'll find what you need!    

  • Remember! The Tweak gives you more than any sound developer (yep, more than ANY of them) and its better because I meticulously tweak everything till I find something that grabs me! This product is entirely a labor of love and has had a development time of over 6 months, with artistic considerations making decisions. You do get the sounds you need to make art.





"A Monster of a SynthStation!"


"Rich the TweakMeister shows there is more than just a 'ghost in the machine'.  There's a living, breathing musikal soul to Cybr Reality"




These links may usher you to mp3.  Hit your back button to come back

Listen to some MP3 Demos
of this disk at Acid Planet

Ambient Two
Hear the Ambient Kit Featured

2. At the CybrDisKo
 Hear the CybrKit 1 and Dance Synths Featured

3. CybrDemo One  
 7 minute demo!

4. Cybrdemo Two check out the guitars

5. Rave at Tut's Tomb

6. Ambient One


This disk is also capable of making any of the Ice Kold tekno Demos

9. The Ogre



About Post Indie



To catch and keep the ear of your audience, you need to be able to deliver new sounds.  Just watch TV for a few minutes.  Listen to the sounds used in commercials, on movies and even on top40 radio.  Listen to a few cuts from the top albums.  You hear sounds that are fresh, new and intriguing everywhere.  It's now the norm to mangle drum beats, come up with what used to be  considered bizarre synth sounds.  As we entered the 21st century, Noise and retro synth sounds have taken a new hold on the contemporary musical consciousness.  Spacey, trippy, grungy, quirky, 'retro' synthy sounds are "cool".  It used to be that industrial noise and industrial ambient sounds were radical, and cutting edge.  Now they are practically mainstream, and you have to have them just to fit in. But now we are rapidly running past DnB, club, techno Hard Core, Gabber and are contemporizing and mainstreaming these sounds with both retro and vintage sounds, and with the beautiful sonorities of new age and world music.  I call this homogenization Post-Industrial Sound.  "Post" means "after", or the sounds that are the metamorphosis of these as we leave 20th century industrial music.



Post Indie Thinks out of the Box



My goal was to create a massive 128 meg palette of sounds for the Emulator EOS series that would have everything I need to make any synthesized color I want, from the dirtiest analog mix cutting drone to the tiniest arpeggiator ready crystalline little blip.  And everything in between. There is a tremendous variation of useful vintage sounding synths and leads, steamy pads dripping with character, unusual Orch hits, a vast range of electronica-oriented synth basses, and finally hundreds of variations of noise. All of these are combined in EOS to make killer synths and pads, drum machines you have never heard  before.   The true joy of a great soundset is that possibilities open.  You can simply link 2 or more presets together and come up with something totally new.  But not everything on this disk is new.  There's some stuff that really old, like tons of variations of synth strings, new agey pads made on analog, raw clean CZ violins, stock basses in addition to hot ones, clean PCM sample-playback tones.  Sample playback?  The Horror!  Ease back, my filter swept friend, think as a sonic artist, a dab of this, a dab of that and a unique color comes to life.  And fear not, the TweakMeister adds filters and real time controllers to everything. Expect to turn a knob and have something cool happen.  This is not a genre specific soundset. We are post-industrial, after the metamorphosis.  Expect new and old blended, morphed, transformed. Expect the bright and thin with the phatt and lush   

The process of sound creation, for me, is an exercise of the 3rd eye. As a composer, I think in terms of what sounds are needed to complete projects.  I have very high standards.  For me a sound must be useful in a mix.  It has to say something that contributes, and it has to blend.  In addition it has to inspire and open sonic realms.   Its with great pride that I offer you my 5th CD Rom, the Post Industrial CybrSound Depot. It's goal is to provide a unique sounding and very complete palette of sounds to make forms of electronic music that stand out in the crowd, open the composers and audiences imaginations to our 21st century cyberspaced realities, and to be a fun thing to play with in the process.


   why you should NOT buy this disk.


1. The orchestras on this disk are not based on recordings of real orchestras or instruments.  These are synth orchestras, built up with analog and digital waveforms.  They have many uses and they are trippy, edgey, lush and stereoscopic, and, of course, cool.  If you want real orchs, there's other options out there in the 1,000-3,000 dollar range.  However, if you are doing an electronica oriented score, you actually might like mine better, not for realism, but for their  artificiality.  Artificiality with taste! 

is here

Check out the Mini Manual and Available Downloads to support Post Indie, as well as it's dedicated MP3 station for user's songs


Read Rich's Sound Development Journal as he built Post Indie 

Take a Look at the list of Presets and Samples in the Manual

Read User comments

2. While this project will load into older EOS machines, it will be most enjoyable with a 128 meg ULTRA sampler, or a 128 meg EOS machine that has expanded Preset RAM.  The Master Bank uses about half the 3580k of preset Ram on my Ultra.  However I do include smaller banks that will load into older machines and do observe the 456k preset RAM limit and every preset from the master bank is in a smaller bank too. The only drawback for early Emulators is you can't load them all at once.  I thought hard about my breakdown of the 1000 presets into chunks that will be meaningful for different types of projects, so all the ambient stuff is in one bank, DnB has its own bank, Orchestral, etc.   

3.  It was not the intention of this disk to reproduce the authentic sounding DnB, techno, house, dance sounds that has already been popularized.  Many sounds, though, were derived from that kind of hearing. There's hundreds of other disks give you exactly the sound of those genres. The Tweak never copies, but invents.  There is no GM bank either, though one could be assembled pretty easily from these samples.  

4. This project comes on a CDR disk.  It will work perfect with your SCSI CD ROM.  I work this way to keep the costs down, for you and me.  Its really not a limitation. Actually, its kind of cool to get something that didn't go through some marketing committee. It's the difference between having a home cooked meal and running to McDonalds. Does the clown on the bag make the food taste better? Ok, real craft, rare these days, has value.  Try Post Indie and see. 

5. Esi and EIII Users I am very sorry but you should not buy this disk.  It will not work on your machines! 

So, those are the limitations.  I write them because i don't want anyone to be disappointed.  What you do get is a sound palette that is very full and diverse, that approaches and pushes through, extends the cutting edge of contemporary electronic music culture.    



Why you Should Buy This Disk


The main reason you should get Post Indie is because it is unlike ANYTHING else out there. It turns you emulator into a massive synth that is able to sound unique.  The sound colors, analog and acoustic samples, emu filters and cords all work together to allow the creation of cutting edge contemporary music.  The whole is greater than the parts

If you already have Ice Kold Tekno, should you get this disk?  Answer.  Yes! This disk is miles beyond where Ice Kold left off. It is clearly and unequivocally my best work to date.  Ice Kold took Emu's Esi to its limit.  When I closed Ice Kold Tekno, I could not add a single parameter more.  The limits were 2 voice preset architecture, limited controller options and a modest amount of preset memory for 256 presets. Those limits are gone on this disk. This disk is EOS native. There are hundreds of all new ms20 samples that take analog sampling to its extreme limits.  Now add hundreds of FM samples, stuff tweaked out of software synths and my other vintage synths, a great percussion set, and solid programming and you should be getting the picture.  It's a new product, a new vibe, a new hearing.  This question has been in the forefront of my mind all along.  I have answered it to make sure that all of my previous customers will be happy.  Believe it or not, I won't put something out just to make money.  I really think about you guys.



The Bank List 

00  Master Bank 
128 meg

01 Ambient Bank 
 48.2 meg

02 DnB and Dance Bank
 46.7 meg

03 Industrial One
 63.4 meg

04 Orchestral Bank 
 38.0 meg

05 Noiz and BPM FX Bank 
 62.7 meg 

06 Guitars Bank 
 15.5 meg

07 FX and Performance Bank 
 60.1 meg 

08 Build Yer Cybr Kit Bank 
 14.4 meg 

09 Mystik garage Demo 
 1.3 meg 

10 Celestial Windowpane Demo
 7.4 meg



Best regards always,



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