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Here's some Feedback and Reviews from Mystik Garageans..

My thanks to all those who kindly have shared their experience with me


hey man,
i bought mystik garage awhile back and i got to tell you, it rocks... still!
i have a question though. i have recently moved over to a k2600s and want the mystik in there... any thoughts?
 --M i n d e n g i n e, I n c.
   powering imagination

Rich writes: I'd have to get a K2600s--Might happen.  More likely I will put them in Kontakt format. 

 To: "Rich" <Rich the Tweak>
Subject: mystic garage
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 06:25:52 +0100

Hi Rich,
what can i say, mystic garage - a work of pure genius - so wierd. acoustic drums are awesome! there's so much stuff on the cd that it's going to keep me busy for a very long time - the only downside though is that i now realise that 72mb in my e6400ultra isn't enough - i need to get more.
all the best,
Dominic Nelson-Ashley

Subject: Re: The Mystik is On the Way!
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 14:43:25 +0000

Got the Mystik Garage, and love it. Lots of useful sounds on there. I
confess, though, as much as I am inspired to make music with your sounds, it
also inspires me to make my own new sounds for the sampler, too.

OK, off with my DAT and binaurals to get some recordings of the water in the
bathtub......gotta imitate the sound of a bear catching salmon for a new

Thanks again, talk with you soon.

- Heather

Heather Perkins - Sound Designer / Composer
WaterDog Studio - http://www.waterdogstudio.com
Red-i Studios - http://www.redistudios.com

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 To: "Rich" Sent: Friday, August 18, 2000 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: The Mystik is On the Way!

Just got the CD. Great Work!! awesome samples and thoughtful
programming. thanks a lot for saving my sometime and opening up my sonic lexicon :) I'll  order ice kold in a bit.


P e t e r   A n d e r s
M I N D   E N G I N E   I N C .
 powering imagination - nyc.ny.usa

i bought mystik garage awhile back and i got to tell you, it rocks... still!

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 To: Rich Sent: Friday, January 21, 2000 10:41 AM
Subject: mystik garage

I have got your cd rom. I never heard a sound like this it's
incredible but very useful.  Mystic garage is my best cdrom. Could you give me the name of your musical project
and the discography.
thanks for this greats sounds and congratulations.

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Sent: Sunday, December 12, 1999 1:28 AM
Subject: Mystic Garage Rocks, thank you!

Hi Rich,

I received the Mystic Garage yesterday -- I feel very inspired by many
of the patches, and I want to thank you for making such a great and
musical CD! 

Now I have to get Ice Kold Techno of course, so I have ordered it.

I consider myself to be a pretty good synthesist and user of my sampler,
but some of the ways you have created patches are really amazing and I
expect to learn even more as I explore how you have created them.  You
must have quite an amazing garage!

I especially like the 88 key kits, and other patches where the note
pitches follow what is to me a somewhat counterintuitive logic.  It's
like playing guitar in different tunings; it makes me think differently,
and I really like it!

Thanks again,


        Garage sample cd-rom.
        Sat, 1 Aug 1998 01:19:59 -0400 (EDT)
        R-MODE@webtv.net (Rod Julian Modell)
        Rich the Tweak (Rich)

 ...Thank you again so much!  The LOW-FI
banks on the garage are beautifull.  I absolutely love those!!  Next,
you need to do a entire low-fi collection.  Low-fi is the future.
Really...... think about a low-fi cd-rom.  That would be great, and you
probably have all the samples allready, just convert everything you have
to a ultra low sample rate?  If you do this at some point, I'm reserving
my copy now!

        Wed, 8 Jul 1998 10:05:53 +0000
        Philip Pope <papal@mail.enterprise.net>
        Rich the Tweak

Hi Rich

Thanks for the Mystik Garage CD-Rom which arrived on Saturday and which I
am enjoying exploring!

Best wishes


        Wed, 8 Jul 1998 13:32:02 EDT
        Rich the Tweak

Did a hard patch last night and listened to a little of the CD.    You are
...It is outstanding as I would of expected.      The EOS filters really shine.
The Sound design is excellent.      Too good almost 'cause it all has a
signature sound -- YOU!        If I were to use those sounds in a soundtrack
I'd feel guilty because they're already 99% baked.

Seriously though, it's probably the best CD I own in terms of raw creativity
and usefulness.     It's just how I would of done it if I were doing it. ...

Re: Re: Mystik Garage

Sunday, January 10, 1999 11:22 PM}

Well, it's only been a zillion months since you sent me my MGarage CDR0M. I
just wanted to compliment you on the wonderful sounds, the (crash) bang for
the buck, and the inventiveness of it all. I need to get another copy to send
to a composer friend in Brazil who scores animations, and loves what he's
heard of it.

Rich, multi-textured, incredibly imaginative samples. what a pleasure to get
real sounds with real teeth compared to all the slick, sterile, bland,
toothless bits of sonic tofu that are offered elsewhere. for Emu EOS owners,
this may be the best sound dollar you will ever spend.

Jon Scoville, composer
for numerous dance companies and the Pickle Family Circus, author of Sound

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 To: 'Rich' <Rich the Tweak>
Date: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 3:39 AM
Subject: MS20 and Mystik Garage
Hi Rich

i receive yesterday the disks,and i must say these are the best cd roms I´ve
ever heard.
really good stuff

thanks Oliver


To: Rich the Tweak
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 02:35:58 -0700
From: "Wolfgang

Hello Rich,

got your CD's yesterday. Thank you very much!

I like your sounds! Some quite artistic one's and very inspirational. It's refreshing to get something that 
is not mainstream. As pianist I am especially delighted 
to get some old piano samples and not another 'perfect' 
steinway. By the way, why didn't you loop them?

Hope that you are already working on the next CD. 


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