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pic of sunGear at
TweakHeadz Lab

Computer Network

Current Machines

1. Mac Pro 8 core 266ghz

  • 3 1TB internal drives, 2TB USB Backup
  • 16GB memory
  • 4 video displays, inclu Apple 30" Cinema Display
  • Parallels 5.0 running Windows 7
  • Logic 9, Cubase 5, Live 6, Reason 4
  • MOTU 896MK3+828mk2+ADA8000 Aggregate driver


2. Mac G5 1.8 Dual

  • 6GB of memory with
  • 2 Serial ATA drives (500Gb and 300GB)
  • 46" Samsung LED HD TV
  • 17" Mac Display
  • ATI 9800 Pro  Special Mac Edition Video
  • Adaptec 29160N SCSI card


3. Home tweaked PC with AMD Athlon 64 3400+ CPU

  • 2 GB Kingston PC3200 400mHz RAM with an A
  • GigaByte GA-K8NS-Pro motherboard and
  • ATI Radeon All-in-wonder Video card
  • 320 gigs of storage on 3 drives and a
  • Sony DVD-RW.
  • SCSI bay with CDRW, and 2 SCSI hard drives which are dedicated to an emu sampler.

3. Mac Powerbook G4 12" Dual monitor 867 mhz/640mb


In My Computer Crypt

4. Home Built PC with Pentium III Coppermine 550
128 Meg, 60 gig storage, Abit Bf6 with Promise ultra 66 HD access ) (128 midi channels) This machine has previous incarnations as a Celeron 300a (overclocked of course) and a Cyrix 133+

5. Atari ST (3 of them) (16 mHz <adspeed>, 4meg) MagiC 2.0 Operating System (72 midi channels). Mega ST, 1040STF, and a souped up 512 STE. Loved them!

SoundCards/ Audio Interfaces

 In use

MOTU 896 Mk3
MOTU 828mk2

Mbox Mini

--E-mu 1820M Emulator X Studio (PC)
--Delta 1010 by M-Audio (its great!)

In my Soundcard Graveyard ( I think they are still clicking and popping underground)

--Emagic emi 2/6
--Emagic AudioWerk8 Digital Audio Card
--Turtle Beach MultiSound (the best of the ISA cards)
--Soundblaster Live. Creative Labs. Systems
--Soundblaster 16 (the worst of the ISA cards)

MIDI Interfacing

--Emagic Unitor 8mk II
--Emagic AMT 8


--Opcode 8 Port SE (broken in XP)
--Kawaii MM16 Fader Box
--Nexus 8x3 MIDI switcher
--Yamaha 8x2 MIDI Thru-box
--Home Made MIDI switch Boxes

Misc Hardware

Apple 23" Cinema Display

Apple 32" Display

LG 28" Display

Samsung 24"

Unitor 2 (Atari)

Ricoh Compact Disk Recorder /Writer MP6200s


--Apple's LogicPro 6, 7, 8, 9 (Mac)
--Cubase 5
--Sonar Producer 8.5
--Pro Tools LE 8
--Final Cut Pro(The whole suite)
--Soundtrack Pro 
--Peak Pro
--Digital performer 
--Cubase SX 3
--Emulator X
--Emagic's Logic Audio Platinum version 1.5 to 5.5 (PC)
--Sonar Studio 2,3,4
--Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
--Ableton Live 3.1
--Cubase VST 3.7, 5.1
--Steinberg Recycle 2.1
--Sonic Foundry's ACID Pro 4.0
--SoundDiver 3
--MOTU's Unisyn 1.2
--Sound Forge 8
--Vegas Video 2, 3
--Vegas Video 4+DVD, 6+DVD
--CD Architect
--Translator 2.5
--SoftStep LE 1.2
--M 2.7

Software Synths and Samplers


--EW Symphonic Orchestra Gold
--EW StormDrum 2--Play
--EW Voices of Passion--Play
--EW Goliath--Play
--EW RA--Play
--EW Symphonic Choirs--Play
--EW Fab Four--PLay

--Kore 1, 2

--NI Komplete 2, 4, 5
--Altered States
--Ethnic Boom Box
--Universal Sound Bank Extreme FX
--MiniMoog V
--Korg Legacy (Both Original and Digital versions)
--Peter Seidlaczek Advanced Orchestra Extended for EXS
--Garritan Personal Orchestra
--Apple Jam Packs 1-5
--A large collection of Sonic Foundry Acid Loops
--Large Collection of emu sample cd roms
--Project 5
--Stylus RMX
--Reaktor Session
--Propellerheads Reason 2.5
--SpectraSonics Atmosphere
--Native Instruments Battery
--Native Instruments Kontakt 2
--Native Instruments Kompakt
--Native Instruments Intakt
--Native Instruments FM7
--Native Instruments Pro52, 53
--Native Instruments Dynamo
--NI Vocator
--NI Spectral Delay
--Emagic EXS24
--Propellerheads Rebirth 2
--Vienna 2.3
--GigaSampler LE --not in use-

Software Plugins

--UAD-2 Solo (incl Precsion EQ/Limiter/MB)
--Waves Gold Native 3.5, Platinum 4.0, 5.0
--iZotope Ozone Mastering Suite
--iZotope Spectron
--iZotope Trash
--iZotope Vinyl
--Elemental Audio Meters
--PSP Vintage Warmer
--Lexicon PSP 42 delay
--PSP Stereo Pack
--OhmForce Predatohm
--OhmForce OhmBoys
--OhmForce Hematohm
--Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction/Vinyl Restoration
--Sonic FoundryAcoustics Mirror
--Sonic Foundry XFX plugin sets 1,2,3
--Opcode Vocode
--Antares AutoTune 1.3, 3.0
--Antares Filter
--Prosoniq MixCiter
--Prosoniq Pi Warp
--Steinberg FreeFilter
--Asio Plugins from the web
--All the Apple and Logic Plugins

Re-Mix Station

--Roland MC505 Groove Box
--Roland SP 808 Groove Sampler
--NuMark Axis 8 Professional CD Player
--Korg Electribe
--Korg Kaoss Pad
--Stanton t90

Atari Software suite

--Emagic's Logic 2.01 with Unitor2
--Soundsurfer (under MagiC OS),
--Notator SL 3.1,
--XoR 2.0 (under Softlink),
--Soundfiler (x7000 editor)
--Omega, Tunesmith, Fingers, and others (under MPE)


--Behringer MX9000 Eurodesk 8 bus
--Alesis Studio 32 Mixer (80 channels total)
--Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro
--Alesis 1622 (in the Garage at last!)
--Yamaha KM 802 Submixer
--Akai MB76 automated Patch Bay



--Shure sm81
--EV RE20
--Cascade Fathead II
--Sennheiser md421
--M-audio Solaris
--Neumann TLM 104
--Shure SM-81
--CAD Equitek E-200
--Octava MC012
--Rode NT1 condenser
--Shure SM 57
--Sony Stereo DAT Mic
--Radio Shack PZM Mic
--Various Tie Clip Mics for "On Location" samples


--Sony DAT PCM R300
--Sony DAT DTC 700
--Sharp 702 Mini Disk recorder
--Pioneer 1020L 10" Reel to Reel
--Sony K611s 3 head Cassette Deck
--AIWA AD-WX808 Dubbing Deck
--Sony VHS Hi FI
--Sony Beta HI FI
--Yamaha MT44 4 Track Cassette
--JVC Pocket cassette recorder


--TC Electronic M-One
--Ibanez Dm1000 Delay
--Roland SRV 3030 Reverb
--Behringer V-Amp 2
--Yamaha SPX-90 Multi-effects
--Alesis Quadraverb Plus Multi Effects
--Alesis Nanoverb
--Alesis MIDIverb (original and dead)
--Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer (original issues)
--Morley Wah Pedal


--Mackie HR824s
--KRK Rokit RP6
--Alesis Monitor Two's
--Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 (the Cadillac of computer speakers)
--Cambridge Subwoofer
--Pinnacle PN-5 Near Fields
--Infinity Bookshelf Speakers
--Home Made Speakers
--Radio Shack Minimus 7 Speakers


--Kenwood 6050 Surround Receiver 100x5
--Sony DTC1090 Surround Receiver 120 WPC
--Various Amps/Receivers

--Fender Bassman 25
--Silvertone Vintage Tube Amp (the shock-master!)
--Marshall G10MK.II 10 watt guitar amp (cheap n Perfect!)

Compressors and Processors

--DBX Digital Dynamics Processor
--TC Helicon Voice Works
--Yamaha GC2020 Comp/Limiter
--Alesis 3630 Compressor Limiter
--Aphex Exciter Type C
--Alesis MEQ 230
--NuMark EQ 2310


--Emu e5000 Ultra, 128 meg
--Emu ESi-32 Sampler 32 meg with Turbo Option Kit
--Akai X-7000 12 bit Sampler

SCSI Array

Micropolis 3 gig drive , connected to Triton Rack

IBM 4.3 g 

Maxtor 345, not in use

IBM 525


Iomega ZIP

Ricoh CDRW

Yamaha 2100s cdrw

Hardware Synths and Controllers


Yamaha Motif XS
Yamaha Tenori ON
Roland V-Synth GT
Roland Fantom S 88 maxed
Korg Triton Rack with 8 rom cards
Emu Xtreme Lead with Ensoniq project rom
Emu Proteus 2000 with World Expeditio, Pure Phatt and Beat Garden installed
Emu Vintage Pro Module
Alesis QS8 with custom RAM cards
Yamaha DTXpress Electronic drum Kit
Akai MPD16
Korg Wavestation SR with Dance Card
Roland JV1010 with ORCH I board installed
Korg Electribe EA-1 Analog Modeling synth
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Yamaha TX7
Yamaha TG77
Proteus/1Pop/Rock with the Invision Expander
Proteus/2 Orchestral
Proteus/3 World (Go download my sounds)
Roland D110 Module (willing to trade)
Ensoniq VFX Keyboard
Korg Ms20 Analog Mono Synth
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
Yamaha G10 MIDI Guitar System
Casio CZ101

Acoustic/Electric Instruments

Standup Bass
Carter Pedal Steel
Gretsch Lap steel
Fender Dobro
Epiphone Casino
La Patrie "Etude" Classical Guitar
Hohner Acoustic 6 string
Ibanez Cardinal Electric
Washburn 12 string
Ibanez 4 string Bass
Suzuki Q-Chord
Romance Classic Guitar
Sitar (India)
Kora (North African, Nylon stringed lute)
Rubab (oriental, 2 stringed bowed)
Thai Akha (Laos)

Flutes (25 total)

Shenai (Persia)
Ney Flute (Turkey)
Arabic Tuned Flute
Suling (2)
Shakuhatchi (Japanese)
"Burnt Wood" Flute (India) (2)
Thai Bamboo Flute
4-hole large Bamboo flutes (3)
Plastic Recorder
Snake Charmer
Ocarinas (Native American) (2)
Pan Flute (So. Americas)
Khain (bamboo pipes)
Bird Whistles (2)
4 inch tiny flute
Train Whistle

Hand Drums

Udu Drum (big)
Talking Drum
Large Remo Djembe 24x16
Remo Ashiko 24X12
Tubano Drum 30x8
Metal Cuica 11x9
Toca Dumbek 18 x10
Aluminum Doumbek
L&P Conga Set
L&P Bongos
Nagara drum (metal bowl)
Tablas (India)
Brekete Drum
Mridingam drum (Kohl) (India)
Dholek (India)
8" Wood Djembe
Tasha Drum (small clay pot)
Nagari Clay Pot
Steel pan drum (Carribean)
Damaroo (Whirl Drums)
Mardi Gras Whirlidrums
Tama 10x5.5 Snare
Finger Drum
Rain Drum
16" Frame Drum
32" Frame Drum

exotic percussion

Metalphones from Bali (2)
Stir Drum
Log Drum
Mbira (old and new)
Thumb Piano from Jamaica
Spring Drum
Egyptian Tambourine
Large Rainstick
Bekichot (Frog Caller-Bali)
Digerido (Australia)
Goat's Nails
Kul-Kul -Bamboo Cowbell-Indonesia
Tongue Drum (Aztec-Central Amer.)
Vibra Slap
Wooden Agogo
Metal Agogo
Metal Multi Guiro
Sea Shells
Devil Chaser
Can Shaker
Egg shakers (2)
Peruvian Nut Shaker
Seed Pod shakers
Gourd Shaker
Twine Woven Shaker
Jamaican Shakers--Large
Calabash Bead Rattle
CuCu Rattle
Wooden Toy Rattle (Tong)
Conch Shell
French Spoons
Bulb Horn
Cork Popper Gun


Istanbul 20" Light Ride Cymbal
WuHan Wind Gong 22"
Sabian 16" AAX studio Crash
WuHan 14" China Cymbal
Zildjian China Trash 14"
Zildjian ZXT 10" Splash
Old Heavy Hi Hats 14"
Monastery Gong (7")
Zil Cymbals
Chinese Relaxation bell
Giant Tubular Chimes (4 ft)
Windcimes (20" Aluminum)
WindChimes (7" Pentatonic)
Wind chimes (8" Conduit)
Bamboo chimes (home made)
Bamboo chimes with mask
Small Monk's Bell
Small service bells
Rusty yard Bells
Tone Bar
Sleigh Bells
Brass Bowl
Elephant Bells (small)
Large elephant Bell


Emu CD Roms

Hip Hop Nation
Techno Trance
Earth Tones
Analog Odyssey
World Instruments
World Percussion
Emulator Standards I, II
E-mu Classics
Sound FX
Dance 2000

Audio Sample CDs

Deepest India
Classic Orchestra
Voices of the Middle East
Analog Grooves 
Dance Industrial II
The Analog Collection
about 10 SFX disks

Emagic Hip Hop
Emagic Analog Collection

Acid Sample CDs

Bill Lasswell
Robert Rich
Drum Tools
Universal Groove Elem.
Orchestral I,II,III
Marc Anderson
Saturn and Beyond
Spectral Minimalism
Virus Unis

My Samples and Sounds

Ice Kold Tekno

Mystik Garage

Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra

Celestial WindowPane

Post Industrial CybrSounds

VFX Space Sounds

The World Cafe (EOS work in progress)

Ms20 Industrial Trance Collection

Lots of  Home recorded Sound FX
Custom Unisyn Synth Libraries



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