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History of Logic

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Logic 3.5 manual cover

Logic Audio 4.0

Starting with this page you will read the actual reviews I wrote at the time the version of Logic came out.  So some of the material is obviously going to be dated.

Tweak's original review of 4.0

Without any doubt, after using it for a few months, 4.0 is the latest and clearly the greatest.  Emagic's new release has the mark of excellence.  Many parts of the program were completely redesigned to be more consistent.  PC users will enjoy many of the features Mac users have had for a while.   Autolink now works!  Major cheers!  The alternate transport is back, you can once again recapture the last midi data you played even if not recording.  And Logic seems much happier in the Windows environment, The new plugins in Platinum version are good sounding and are diverse.  While I can't go into them all here, I will just tell you that they are stable enough where you can stack them up, put them on the busses, or the master outputs.  And depending on where you put them, they default to music settings. For instance, if you put it on a bus, it defaults to 100% wet, or in a track to approximately 20% wet, right about where they should be. 

The EQs are very useable and are fully functioning.  Using  two or three parametrics on a track is possible giving you more flexibility and tone shaping ability than you will find on $3,000 dollar consoles.  The parametrics are outstanding and you can hear changes as you sweep in real time.  Hats off to the Emagic team, particularly Steffan, for providing us with with a real virtual studio environment.   Once can do a complete and polished production with just Logic and a decent multi-timbral synth.  And I mean polished!  There's a built in sampler-like virtual keyboard, so if your on a budget and can't afford a sampler yet, and are good with manipulating WAV files, you can use this.  If you already have a full complement of outboard gear, Platinum 4 is the icing on the cake.  You can tweak down the tracks with plugins and then route them to external processors for that extra bit of uniqueness. 


Logic Audio Platinum (PC) v4.0 (click the pic to see full 1280 x 1024 Screen shot) 

LAWP4Screenshot.jpg (285866 bytes)
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