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New Products in the Pipeline

Winter Namm 2009 Anaheim CA

Fewer products are being launched due to the troubled economy, yet there are some brilliant new products coming to us.


Discuss Roland Products here

Roland once again steals the shows.

VP-770: Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard
49 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
Vocal Designer: CLASSIC, MALE
Maximum Polyphony
128 voices (varies according to the sound generator load)
Auto Harmony Function
6 types
Auto Note Function
Chromatic, Diatonic (Key Assignable)
Audio Key Function
File Format: WAV, AIFF (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear), MP3
Sound Looper Function
Maximum Recording Time: 18 Seconds
Recording Method: Overdubbing
Play Method: Loop Play

Tweak:  This is to replace the VP550

VB-99: V-Bass System

Stunning New Possibilities in Bass Recording and Performance


When Roland introduced the original V-Bass System, serious bass players worldwide took notice. Now, we are proud to introduce the VB-99 V-Bass, which delivers three times the sonic firepower of the original model! Based on an all-new custom processing engine and 10 years of research and development, the VB-99 serves up a wide range of inspiring new COSM® bass and amplifier models, powerful polyphonic effects, new string modeling technology, dual independent signal paths for blending sounds, and new controllers. It also features a host of thoughtful improvements that bassists demanded, such as bass–to-MIDI converters, streaming audio via USB, and much more.

  • Most advanced bass processor ever
  • Dozens of COSM® instrument models, including coveted vintage and modern basses, amps, synth basses, effects and even electric guitars
  • Converts bass to MIDI and streams audio via USB audio sources
  • Dual independent stereo signal paths can be layered or switched: allows two different virtual sounds at the same time
  • Allows users to play polyphonic synth bass sounds without tracking issues
  • Table-top configuration, rack mountable, or stand mountable
  • Stereo XLR, stereo 1/4", MIDI, SP/DIF and USB outputs
  • Advanced new real-time controllers: D Beam, ribbon and V-Link

Tweak:  Much like the VG-99 for guitar




SuperNATURAL™ Brass Exp. Board

Tweak:  How this turns out will be critical to the success of the Fantom G.  I'll be listening.


Shoulder Synthesizer

Remote shoulder keyboard with onboard sound generator, ribbon controller, D Beam, modulation bar, and more.

Native Instruments

Welcome to the Mascine

MASCHINE combines the flexibility of computer-based music production with the ease of a groove box into one powerful creative tool. Utilizing onboard samples or your own audio files, MASCHINE’s symbiosis of hardware and software not only ensures a fast and fun workflow, but lets you easily turn your ideas into professional productions.

MASCHINE comes loaded with over 5 GB of production-ready sounds and patterns. Everything from fat drum kits to state-of-the-art synthesizer sounds and pristine acoustic instruments have been sampled, sliced and tagged for your convenience. MASCHINE also features studio quality effects ranging from dynamics processors to beat-mashers and even mastering tools, all tweakable in real time via the hardware controller.

Tweak: The breakaway thing here is the 5GB of sounds already baked in.  Neither The MPC5k, Fantom G, MV8800, MotifXS can get anywhere near that.  Is this hardware finally catching up to software?


Talk more about the Mascine



Discuss Focusrite at Studio-central

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56


Focusrite combines their popular Liquid technology with their also popular Saffire interfaces. The result is Liquid Saffire 56 with third generation Focusrite Liquid Pre-amps, providing ten different pre-amp emulations. These include emulations based on the Neve 1073, the Pultec MB-1, Telefunken V72 and seven more. A harmonics dial on each Liquid pre-amp lets you account for variance in vintage originals of the same model, or use levels of 2nd, 3rd and 5th Harmonic distortion creatively to shape your sound. Ten analog (analogue) outputs, 16 channels of ADAT i/o, stereo SPDIF i/o, MIDI i/o and word-clock i/o is provided on BNC connectors, allowing Liquid Saffire 56 to act as either a master or slave. Independent phantom power and high pass filter on every channel, switchable from the front panel, with the two instrument channels also featuring -9dB pads for additional headroom. Saffire Mix Control, the zero-latency 18 x 16 DSP Mixer/Router software features output routing and monitoring. It also provides one-click set-up, large on-screen metering for inputs, outputs and submixes and control over the choice of liquid emulation.

Tweak:  Can Focusrite pull it off?  The unit looks like an incredible value.  Is the world ready to embrace the Focusrite Liquid technology?




Talk about M-Audio at studio-central

New Axiom Controllers

Axiom Pro 25, 49, 61

The M-Audio® Axiom Pro keyboard controllers build on the acclaimed Axiom series with premium TruTouch™ action, proprietary HyperControl™ MIDI mapping technology and other cutting-edge enhancements. HyperControl automatically maps the keyboard’s controls to commonly accessed parameters in digital audio workstations including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and Reason, as well as software instruments. The constant two-way link with your host DAW means the keyboard’s controls are always in sync with your software’s active parameters. The intuitive graphic LCD constantly updates the current values, which ensures seamless editing and prevents parameter jumps—even when plug-ins are closed. Axiom Pro puts you in complete control of your entire session.


Pro Tools M-Powered 8

Pro Tools M-Powered 8

Get ready for a revolutionary new way to work with Pro Tools software. Pro Tools M-Powered 8 delivers a streamlined, customizable interface along with many new production tools and creative options. Work with up to 48 stereo audio tracks*. Create with five new A.I.R. instruments and 30 more plug-in effects. Create sophisticated notation with the new Score Editor based on the Sibelius® engine. Work MIDI magic with the new MIDI Editor. Change audio pitch with the new Elastic Pitch real-time pitch transposer. It’s time to upgrade to the most powerful version of Pro Tools M-Powered ever.


DMP3  Dual Microphone/Instrument Preamp
Based on the M-Audio preamplifier technology that won Pro Audio Review’s highest accolades, the updated DMP3 preamp is designed to provide a premium front end for today’s high-resolution digital recording systems. It features an amazing 20Hz to 80kHz frequency response, 67dB of gain and an exceptional dynamic range to capture all the nuances of your music—plus a redesigned new look. Whether you use it for performance or production, the DMP3 two-channel microphone/instrument preamp is destined to be integral in defining your sound.
  • 2-channel preamp with XLR microphone inputs and 1/4” instrument inputs
  • balanced outputs on TRS jacks deliver hum-free professional audio
  • low harmonic distortion (THD+N: .0005% @ 20Hz-20kHz) for ultra-clean sound
  • exceptional dynamic range to capture all the nuances of your music
  • 20Hz to 80kHz frequency response (+/- 0.5dB) ideal for high-resolution recording
  • high and low gain range controls offer up to 67dB of gain
  • phantom power to accommodate all types of microphones


Talk about Yamaha at Namm

Tyros 3
The best just got a whole lot better. Tyros3 utilizes the latest Yamaha technological advances including Super Articulation 2 Voices created with AEM (Articulation Element Modeling), an incredible 3-layer piano voice, new guitar and drum voices, and synth voices from the Motif synthesizer. Plus, you will soon be able to expand Tyros3 by downloading premium voices from the internet.

More info:


zZounds Blurb

Talk about Steinberg at studio-central

Steinberg Cubase 5

More features, less money
Why spend money on a 3rd party pitch manipulation tool when you can have it integrated into your DAW? Makes sense to me and Steinberg has seen the light too. VariAudio and PitchCorrect do exactly what you would expect them to do in a simple, streamlined and integrated manner. The interface allows quick fixes for vocalists that need it or just want it. Steinberg has also decided to look into the future by providing 64-bit compatibility with Vista and upcoming Mac operating systems. Other new features include Groove Agent ONE drum machine, Beat Designer MIDI plug-in and LoopMash.



About the coming Melodyne Editor with DNA (direct Note access)

Talk about the melodyne Editor at Studio-central

Key facts

Access individual notes in chords and polyphonic audio:
see them, grab them, edit them
Audio, not MIDI!
while editing single chord notes is common for MIDI, it is a world premiere for audio recordings. Patent pending.
Examples of use:
tune a guitar after recording, correct harmony vocals that are out of tune, or fix their timing, turn major chords to minor (and vice versa), switch tone scales, mute single notes, remix volume levels, etc. – all after the performance is already taped!
All Melodyne tools available:
pitch shifting, time stretching, formants, amplitude – you name it ...
Coming soon
available in Melodyne editor (formerly called Melodyne plugin 2), scheduled for early 2009; will also be integrated in future updates of other Melodyne editions

Tweak:  This may indeed be the main innovation of 2009


TASCAM's DP-004 Digital Pocketstudio is based on 30 years of easy-to-use cassette Portastudios, updated with four tracks of CD-quality digital recording. Like those groundbreaking Portastudios, a row of knobs set levels and pan instead of a list of menus.

The DP-004 can record two sources at once to the included 1GB SD Card. A built-in stereo condenser microphone makes it simple to record anywhere you go, perfect for concerts, rehearsals and songwriting inspirations. A pair of 1/4" jacks on the rear panel allow you to connect your own microphones or sources. You can even switch the inputs to guitar level for recording.

Tweak:  Tascam seems committed to cornering the portable/bedroom multi-track market. 

Talk about Tascam at Namm

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