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How to setup a Surround Mix on the MX9000 or SX4882

by the Tweak



The SX4882 and the MX 9000 mixers have the same format.  24 ch, 8 bus +mix B. One thing I have done was a set up to monitor surround mixes on the MX9000.  Though it is not advertised as a surround mixer, it was easy to do with all the i/o you get. 

I just connected two prefader sends to the rear speakers, another prefader send out to the mono front channel and kept the front left and right on two post fader channels that go to the control room outs.  The subwoofer's bass management and all the routing is handled by software to a separate audio interface output, but you can patch that into the board on any channel (postfader) too and go out a direct out. 

All the surround panners and effects are also in software.  So don't believe that because you don't have big digital board that you can't do surround.  (The guys that do actually have 2 surround systems, yep, one in their mixer and another in their software).


Behringer SX4882 Eurodesk 48-Channel Mixer
Whether recording in the studio, running live house sound, recording a live show, or for use as a stage monitor mixing board, the feature-packed SX4882 does it all. Designed with live performance versatility and recording necessities built in, this console combines years of every sound engineerā€™s wants and needs into one high-performance machine. It may not get you free beer or groupies, but it rocks for live-sound and recording.


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