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Ice Kold Tekno

Emu Sample CD Rom of Tekno-Industrial Sounds
from the Korg MS-20

V. 3.0
and better than ever

Order by PayPal

CD-ROM for ALL Hardware Emu Samplers
includes "Native" Master banks for
ESi 3.0x, ESi 2.1 and
Emulator IV (EOS) including ULTRAs (sounds great in 4.7)

There are also banks that load perfectly
into EMU Emulator III Samplers


special order only  out of stock

Ice Kold Features

This is the synth that does techno-industrial like no other.


"The Ogre"  

Its a 5 minute piece called "The Ogre Pops In"  A high quality MP3 version of this song and others are downloadable from my Acid Planet Page


Requirements:  SCSI equipped CD ROM player. EMU sampler with SCSI (E III or newer).

All Emulator and ESi users will find that these presets will work beautifully with their samplers. I went to great lengths to make everyone Kold 'N happy.

Those with ESi 3.0x installed will hear FULL and TOTAL use of the 18 filters and controllers A and B mapped to filters and resonance just like you like it!

Those with the ESI Turbo/FX option installed will hear full use of the 24 bit FX.

Those with the New Emulator Ultras and older EOS machines can enjoy a fully EOS Native Master Bank, with cords and controllers defined taking Ice Kold to its Koldest!  Made on an E5000 with EOS 4.10.

Emulator IIIx format (i.e., ESi 2.1) Master Bank included for compatibility with older esi-32s and EOS Emu Samplers using EOS 2.5 or 3.0.  I pushed that Lo Pass resonant filter to the max!

Original format E III Banks (8m/100 preset limit) included for samplers with less memory.  These banks work perfect with the original EIII

List of Samples and Presets

Click for what other users are saying...


Emagic Logic Environment Click to Download (v.2.0)

Mac OMS Patch for mac based Sequencers
Thanks to Jefferson Porter for the OMS patch

Jah Ray Writes:
 "First of all, fantastic work.   This disk is a veritable treasure trove of fun stuff!!!    There is so much here, and there is so much value.   Congratulations on a job very well done. All in all the disk is incredible.    Extremely useful, fun, and different.  I'm thinking Kold, baby."

Hear the Mystik Garage, Ice Kold Tekno and the Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra SoundFonts as they were meant to be heard in 44.1 MP3 files!  You can freely download the demos or buy the CD.  If you buy the cd you will get a ton of freebies, long ms20 samples, loops made with the Mystik Garage and Ice Kold Tekno, some of the Ice Kold Orchestra multi-layer stacks and more.    Go here to check it out!

 MS-20 Links

Bookmark this page before you go

Korg MS-20 Good summary of features of this synth - Korg MS-20 Includes which artists used the synth  

More info  Korg MS20

Check out Madonna's latest album and listen to William Orbit put the ms-20 to work. Go to William Orbit's Website

Info on the SoundFont Edition  using the same samples.

 Ice Kold is in use in professional and home studios all over the world. Germany, England, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, Korea, Australia, China, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, and Brazil, the USA and many more. It's the 'secret weapon' in many a samplist's arsenal of sounds. Recently some of the Ice Kold Sounds can be heard on MTV. The pros around the planet know--this set is Kold! 

You won't find it anywhere else on the web.  This is the ONLY place you can buy it.  And its always in stock.

The process:
  It starts with a hand tweaked waveform on the MS-20, connected and recording into Sound Forge.  I'll set up a patch and play several notes.  In the waveform editor, I'll choose the best, the cleanest, the one with the most character.  I'll trim and loop the sample, then I'll add some processing (if necessary) and then a name, then send it on via SCSI to the sampler.  There it is mapped to the keys and filters.  My ESI has the turbo option so i have a wide variety of filters to choose from.

Then its on to the envelopes and the controllers. I took liberty to resample some sounds, and also sample myself playing chords and stacks.  Some samples don't sound like a typical analog synth playing one note, like my Noiz "Orch" HiT, but I guarantee, its source is the Korg MS-20.  Imagine an MS20 with 32 or 64 note polyphony, layering capability and the ability to define zones with a different filter on each note if you want.  That's what you get when you buy my project, an incredible synth that doesn't exist anywhere but here!

  • Over 475  Hand crafted analog samples from the Korg MS20 Synthesizer, digitally processed and professionally looped.

  • A big 32 meg bank with 381 refined samples in a full bank of 256 Presets carefully programmed and mapped to controllers, wheels and velocity.  Ready for your sequencing pleasure.  There's Synth Drum Kits you have never heard before, FX Kits, Noiz Kits. The kits are defined by the Roland standard (Kiks at B0, C1, Snare at D1, Rim shot at C#1, Toms at F1, G1, A1, Hats at F#, G# and A#, etc), so you can use your standard sequencer grids to make your grooves. Transpose an octave or two can you get another kit, just like they are set in popular modules like the Phatt and Orbit.  Big Fat Filter Basses, leads, synthy voxy things, syncing things, vowel tones, pads, drones. .  All the standards you expect in analog and everything you didn't know analog could do, like machinery, factory whistles, freight elevators, engine noises, giant pistons, computer blerps, sonar, whip cracks, Morse code, interstellar radiation, screaming theremins, even a guy falling off a platform into a vat of bubbling acid. This is ICE KOLD, gentlemen and ladies, and for those with an authentic INDUSTRIAL imagination.   Oh Yeah, and I don't just define 48 or 61 keys like some  "pros" do in a key map. (heh, there is one CDROM I've heard that defines only ONE NOTE in a preset making your dial wear out trying to find sounds, forcing you to reprogram everything and it costs 5 times what my disk costs!) I give you a full 88 keys in my kits and presets. When my samples get thin around the edges, I slap another one down to maximize your MIDI channel economy. When you want a kit, you don't want to hunt through presets to find that right group of sounds. You want them THERE. In mine you will find 88 sounds ready to blast together, the way it should be, and the way it IS on Ice Kold T.

  • Added in version 2.0"Keys and Pads" contain powerful cinematic washes ready for theater  "Original Filters" capture the MS20's many different filter effects in the raw.  "MS20 Performances" are very looooong samples of real-time knob twists.  I even ran some of my songs and vocal hooks through the MS-20's External Signal processor for some really weird uh.."voices" <smile> (Don't tell my lady friends, OK?)  Finally, you get a unique 12 meg sampled electric guitar--filtered and dithered in the MS20.

    Added in version 2.1 is a 1.3 meg demo of the new CDROM The Mystik Garage.  Its Hot!

  • Added in Version 3.0 is an EOS Native version of the classic 32 meg 255 preset Master Bank, retweaked with cords, controllers and EOS filters, an 8 meg demo of Celestial Windowpane Loops (fully useable by all formats), and and EOS native 7 meg demo of Post Indie.  If you currently own ANY version of Ice Kold Tekno you may email me to get a special upgrade price

    A 3-part demo song sampled at 44.1 you can hack up and create hundreds more contorted noises.  Take a little multi-timbral slice to spice your industrial life.

    The sounds have are tailored for the following genre's of music:  Tekno, Ambient, Dance, Sci-Fi, Industrial, World, Space, Classical, Vintage Emulations.

  • The banks can be seen as a programmers toolkit for exploring the new synthesis qualities of your sampler.  It has everything you need to make any analog sound you want. That's why I made up the "Drum & Bass Bank".  All your basics are there, you just do the "Load Preset thing" to add to the bank as your song takes form.

    • With these banks in your sampler, your sound will be unique, hip, different, retro, lo-fi and on the cutting edge. It really blends nicely with tamer synths and modules.  The distorted, grungy and cheesy, wheezy filtery dirt in these banks will be a stark contrast to anything else you have running,  Dirt recorded at 44.1?  Yep!

    • There are a tremendous variety of sound effects for video and film projects.  Particularly suited for "futuristic" and sci-fi flicks.

    • No copyright hassle.  Purchase of the CD ROM from me gives you a license to use these sounds in your personal and commercial projects as you see fit. I hope you make a hit with them. You may transfer the license if you want to sell it to someone else.  You may make a personal copy of the disk. You may NOT copy the disk to sell it. You may NOT upload the banks to a website or give away copies of the disk. That should be obvious.  Just be cool and don't rip me off.

    What you get when you buy this CD-Rom
    Sampling is one thing.  Programming is another. And then there is "Attitude". With me you get all three. Programming a synth takes time to learn, and is something you have to love.  I've been doing it since the first synth did sysex.  And before that, I was tweaking the knobs.  That's why this project is important to me.  Its like a summation of everything I've learned about synth programming and sampling.

    First, why get this CD-ROM?  Well the benefits are large.  You don't have to do the sampling, looping, naming, or anything else.  You just load and go, all the work is done.  Its like turning your sampler into a new synth, every time you load a new disk. With Emu samplers, you get samples and presets predefined.  You can load the whole bank if you want, or just the presets you want into your existing bank.  (When you load a preset, the samples "attached" load also). Or if you want you can load individual samples straight of the CD-ROM and map and filter them yourself.   

    The main feature of the CD Rom is its 32 meg banks.  There are 381 hand picked and tweaked samples in this bank that cover a tremendous sonic territory.  There are 256 presets.  With these samples as a source, you have the material to make thousands of analog sounding presets.  From basic waveforms to Korg MS-20 Signature sounds, I have you covered.  This is far more than a typical "vintage" collection of sounds.  You simply must hear these analog waves run through state of the art filters and stacked with 32-128 note polyphony.  The combination of old technology and new  will out-color any sonic palette out there. You haven't heard sounds like these before.  You won't find some waveforms as I've included in your standard midi module and even your analog modeling synth will not be able to reproduce the grittyness, the warmth, the richness and texture that Ice Kold Tekno provides.

    Only have a 2 meg esi 32?  No problem.  Simply load a Preset or Zone from the bank.  You can do this as many times as you like, till you run out of memory.  Even those with SCSI equipped 2 meg machines  will have no problem using these samples and banks.  Have a maxed out E4 Ultra with 128 meg?  Cool.  Load the Main bank and then load the presets from banks 21-26.  You will fill all 128 megs with unique samples and will have the most powerful set of ms20 samples on the planet.  

    The main bank is intuitively organized much like a sample playback synth.  When you are looking for a Kik, a Bass, a Noise, you will dial it up as easily as you would on a modern synth.

    I've had my MS-20 over 10 years and have used it in many a production. Its strengths are in its dynamic nature, its grit, its resonant High and Low pass filters and its grungy, gutsy sound. Like with all old mono synths, you play it by holding a note and twisting knobs. Those of you looking for these long, dynamic, fluid and ever changing sounds will not be disappointed.  And in your sampler you will find these beautiful drones stacked, panned, filtered into majestic analog chords that will sweep through your music in a way you have never heard before. Your mix will be punctuated by real analog drum sounds, filtered and articulated perfectly for a modern mix.    

    All sounds on the CD-Rom originated from my MS-20. No one was ripped off. Once you buy my CD, you can freely use any or all of these sounds in your music or film project.

    As a veteran samplist, I know what most of you want and need. I'm not wasting your RAM with lots of drum loops that most of you will want to make yourselves.  What you will get is all the elements to make your own loops, your own samples, your own individual art..

    What kind of Samples Can I expect?

    1. Raw Samples direct off the MS-20. Rather than choose a few sounds and sample them chromatically, I decided to go for diversity of sounds, including the wild and downright weird as well as the pure static tones you usually get with sample collections. You will get FAT and perfectly articulated filter loops, sweeps, dives, bubbles, gurgles, zips, blips, and bonks. You will get a drum kit of analog kicks, snares, hats, toms, chimes, claps, and bells. And lots more. Always wondered where the techno-kings get their kit that sounds so industrial? He-he. Wonder no more. You will find emulations of machines, elevators, conveyor belts, electrical arcs, acid vats, factory whistles and tons more.  I used to work in several factories on the south side of Chicago Il USA and I KNOW what a real world industrial factory sounds like.

    2. FX Processed samples. Hey. I've got racks of stuff here. Its just too tempting. I had to process some samples with reverb and my analog delay. Why tie up your outboard gear when you can have a beautifully processed stereo sample with the left/right thing just making the sound jump out of the speakers?

    3. Resampled and Synth Processed samples. The first thing I did after recording my raw waveforms was to put them in my ESI-32. Then I programmed them with the onboard synth, mapping them across 88 keys, panned, enveloped, and pitched, with anywhere between 2 and 176 sounds being in each key map. They sound so incredibly deep,  Always wanted to do Techno like the European dudes? Well, they get those stuttering, aciduous sounds by playing with a resonant filter and then running it though a square wave LFO. The AMP envelope will swell and fade. Its kind of tricky on modern synths (doesn't really sound right unless you have a real analog wave and a real good resonant filter).

    4.  Extra-Long Samples for you to load into your digital audio sequencer or into an editor where you can hack them up and make new samples or just drop the whole thing under a chorus and see what happens.  I really put the machine through its paces with every tweak and twiddle I could.  Its almost as good as having your own MS20, except you don't have to pay 500-1000 bucks for one.

    5.  Demo sequences.  These are multi-timbral performances I sampled back in.  Not only to show off my sequenceship, but to give you complex material to hack.  Lots of new sounds are made by taking a tiny bit of a song and looping it.  Try it!

    6. Totally contorted audio snips run through the ms-20.  All these sounds were generated by me or friends visiting the studio.

    7. Electric Guitar run through the MS-20.  Need a classic psychedelic guitar?  There's a whopping 12 megs of guitar --over 30 samples.  They were put through the hi and low pass filters and modulated by the Ms20 "Modulation generator"--its a frequency dependent LFO, in short, one of the best electronic wah-wah sounds you will find


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    Master Banks

    B01  MS20 ESi 3.0  32m The ESi32/4000/2000 3.0 Bank All 17 filters used.

    B00 MS20 ESi 2.1  32m This ESi32 2.1 Banks (Loads into EOS v 2 or 3) Uses only the Lo pass filter on all sounds.

    B02  Drum and Bass (2.1) 22m

    The E III Banks

    B03  Drum Kits 1  5.3m

    B04  Drum Kits 2  4.1m 

    B05  Keys & Synths  7.7m   

    B06  Bass & Synth  6.7m   

    B07  Noise Bank  7.8m   

    B08  World Bank  7.8m   

    B09  Indust FX  7.5m   

    B10  Tek Industrl  7.9m   

    B11  Strange FX 7.5m   

    B12  Orchestral  4.6m   

    B13  Vocal FX 4.8 m

    B14  Space Tek  7.4m

    B15  Misc Bank  5.8m   

    B16 Bonus Bank 8m (E3)  


    Long and Unique

    B17  Original Filters 12m (2.1

    B18 Performances 32m (2.1)

    B19 Fat Keyz & Padz 27m (2.1)   

    B20 Tripped Guitar 15m (2.1)  

    B21 Audio External Input 8m (E3)  

    Demo Songs

    B22 Demo Part I 14m  (2.1)  

    B23 Demo Part II 16m (2.1)  

    B24 Demo Part III 21m (2.1)  

     B25 e3 template

    B26 Credits

    B27 MystikGarageDemoX 1.2m (2.1)

    B28 Windowpane Demo X (2.1)


    B1 Master Bank EOS 31 meg Only Loads into EOS,  EOS filters, cords and controllers used.

    B2 Post Indie demo



    Note that E3 and ESi 2.1 banks are compatible with the Esi32 (2.1&3.0, ESi 4000, ESi 2000, E4, E64, E3x, E6400 and E-Synth.  This includes the Ultra line  This is the standard format Emu uses on most of their CD Roms.  

    The EOS Native banks will only load into Samplers using  EOS.  That includes the E4, E64, E3x, E6400 and E-Synth and all the ULTRAS.  Note the Master Bank uses 586k of preset Ram.  If you have less preset RAM than that you can still load by preset. Compatible with EOS 4.7

    Those with less than 32 megs will be able to load presets and samples from the large banks.  

    EOS4 will also load ALL of the EIII and ESi Banks  You may have to do some minor tweaking of some presets as the import to EOS is not perfect.

    So Who Is This "TweakMeister" Guy Anyway?

    A little more about me.  First, I've done professional level programming for years.  My credits include work done one the Alesis QS7/8, and the Q-cards for those machines.  I've also am a beta tester for Emagic's Logic Audio; I've been involved in the testing of the leading editor/librarian softwares, and a tester for professional digital audio products and synths.  I do custom sounds on demand for multimedia developers, professional composers and hobbyists. I am into strange and unusual sounds.  I've heard them all, and I am looking for gold.  I crammed this CD with everything I need to break the boundaries of sound creation.  Every programmer has biases.  This is what you should really be asking before you buy any CD ROM.  My biases are for sounds that work with what is called Ambient and Techno-Trance and Dance.  I have an unusual need to create all kinds of environmental sounds, as well as worldly drones, teknospheres, as well as drums and basses that cut through the mix.



    Rich the TweakMeister


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