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free patches to Download feel free to link to this page

 DX200 Patches by Dan (studio-central member)

Here is the sysex of my DX200 user bank (128 patches).  The patches are in no particular order and many don't have any sequence pattern data.  (One of the quirks of the DX200 and AN200 is that the patch data is inseperable from the sequence pattern data.)  A few of the patches are personal favorites from the DX200's factory presets (or tweaked vewrsions thereof) and quite a few are DX7 patches that I've found and, in many cases, tweaked.  One of my personal favorites is #124...sounds just like the PPG Wave at the beginning of Robert Palmer's, "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On".



Proteus 2000  Now in SoundDiver and Sysex format
"Electronica Collection"

Final Update 15

Here's 127 presets--a full bank-- made with a stock proteus 2000.  Lots of industrial noises, LFO's synced to clocks, drum loops (yep, figured it out) ambient and trance effects, and a better OBX horn patch then you'll find in the factory programs.  There's pads, clocked voxs, arpeggios, space FX too.  TX basses are now refined 'cause you have to have these just right.  Just added some well tweaked orchestras, massive pads and a somewhat better pipe organ (it will improve)! Oh! You also get some "default" patches that I made that optimize knob twists along the lines of the P2k conventions.  These are incredibly valuable because you can simply change instruments and get hundreds of great analog-ish tones. And check out the classic guitar--didn't quite finish it tho.

Read more about this bank

Listen to an mp3 demo of these sounds (4.7 meg download)

This is the beginning of what may end up being a commercial bank. So it's a bank in development right now-very experimental--as I am pushing the p2k to its limits to see what I can get away with.  You'll find more than a few surprises as some sounds I've made have nothing like it in the factory banks.   As of Update 13: Now that I've made 127 presets I have now started the task of refining and adding the tweakheadz touch of quality.  I've made the file available in SoundDiver format The tentative title of the project is called the "Proteus 2000 Electronica Collection".  Keep in mind these are not what I consider to be professionally finished though several patches are now in their second or third revision.  It generally takes me 5-6 revisions of a patch to make something that's 1. good sounding, 2. useable and 3. sonically inspiring (and in my products, I may go up to 10 revisions). Most of these have 2 out of the three, but there are some standouts that will show you what your p2k can do. 

Download SoundDiver Bank

What's a MIDI Interface?

Note: This SoundDiver bank is in .lib format.  Once you load it into SoundDiver you can drag the presets to where you like in the memory manager.  Make sure your unit is set to MIDI Sysex Device ID 000.

Download SysEx bank as a MIDIfile (made with Logic, but should work with others)

Note:  If you do not know what sysex is, please read up on it before you mess with transfers of data.  This bank requires a sequencer that supports sysex in Midifiles, like Cakewalk, VST or Logic.  Set your sequencer to 120 bpm and make sure no other midi events are sounding.  Backup your current bank 1st.  These sounds are radical and are significantly louder than the stock proteus presets. 

Download Sysex Bank as a Cakewalk file

Note:  Make sure you set the port of this sysex file to the port your Proteus is on.  This is a bulk dump of the entire bank.  In cakewalk, go to VIEW, then SYSX to load and transmit the bank

--kindly don't ask me to convert to your library format.  I no longer use Unisyn, don't have galaxy or midiquest. 

Read my review of the Proteus 2000

Rebirth Section

My Second Birth  Download

My first Rebirth Song Download

Sysex Section

Here's examples of my work programming various synth modules. The .MID files were generated by Unisyn (PC). The .ZIP files were made with XOR2 (Atari). If you have Unisyn or XoR (any platform, but not the Amiga) all the files will work. If you don't have either of these programs (buy them!) you may put the .MID files in any sequencer that will read MID sysex files (not all will) when you press play the data will be sent to your synth. On the Proteus units, set your UNIT ID as follows: Proteus 1XR (00) Proteus 2 (01) Proteus 3 (02). Again, the ZIP files will not work without XoR or Unisyn. Always back up your data before messing with sysex.

Alesis QS7/8/R

  • Tweakz QS.  Here's about 80 or so programs (no mixes) I found in my libarary that I think are unique, though some may be represented on the expando banks. A lot of these were programs I developed for the sanctuary and classical cards, but I revised them to make them work with the stock QS8/7/6.1/R.  This is a Zip file and it will load into Unisyn only.  Unisyn came on your CD so use it.  Download and enjoy.

Emu Proteus

  • The Ultimate Proteus General Midi Bank. These sounds were designed for a Proteus /1XR with the Invision Upgrade installed. 255 sounds. The 1st 127 are GM sounds (snooz!) and the 2nd 127 are really cool big and bold sounds. You need a Proteus XR to get to the sounds 0-63 and 128-255. If you don't have the Invision upgrade board (which adds another 4 megs of samples) installed all the sounds will not work--but many will! .MID format. Filename is p1_gmidi.mid

  • The Vector Plus Orchestral Bank for the Proteus 2. This bank contains 64 fat orchestral textures. They have been road tested for several years in my studio. Make sure you play the controllers on these sounds as the wheels are programmed to dynamically "morph" the timbres in real time. Check out Chgo Symph, Big Timpani, Soft Orch. Get The programs were made on a stock non-XR Proteus 2 and will load into patch locations 64-127. This is some of my better work. Free!

  • The Proteus/3 is very much underrated as a module, given all you can do with it. Here's my Eclectic Collection--64 "worldish" sounding presets. Lots of deep layers, sound fx, environmental stuff, and, you might not have known this but the p/3 does excellent electric guitars--check out my Fender Mustang, Gibson ES 335. Download rich_p3.mid.

Wavestation SR

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