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Sample CD Roms
by TweakHeadz Lab

E-mu Sample CD Roms, SbLive SoundFonts and Acid/Sonar Loops

The Post Industrial Cybr Sound Depot 
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My Newest. And perhaps the most awesome cd rom I've made to date!  This is an EOS ONLY disk made expressly for emu Emulator samplers.  128 megs bank!   980 presets and 999 samples, the box doesn't hold more!  Tell me more!  For Emu EOS Samplers

Out of Stock

The Mystik Garage  Emu Format $39.99 

Out of Stock
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The Mystik Garage is a Sample CD Rom formatted for all Emu Samplers.  It features Lo-Fi Sound FX, unusual drum Kits, and lots of samples to add spice to your compositions. If you want that hip lo-fi element in your compositions, this disk will work for you! $39.99  Tell Me More!  Esi And EOS Compatible For All Emu Samplers

   The  Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra   $49.99 

Out of Stock
full info  demos  free SF2 bank  support  reviews  The Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra is a combination SoundFont CD-Rom, and Wave File Collection. It will turn your SB Live into an amazing virtual synth! Has all the samples from Ice Kold Tekno. Incredibly powerful analog sounds for your art!  $49.99 Tell me More  For the SB Live

Ice Kold Tekno Emu Format $49.99 
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Out of Stock

Classic! Ice Kold Tekno is a Sample CD Rom formatted for Emu samplers based on a wide variety of sounds taken from the vintage Korg MS-20 Synth. Its like turning your 64 voice Emulator into 64 Korg MS20s! Awesome! $49.99  Tell Me More!  Esi and EOS Compatible  For All Emu Samplers

  Celestial WindowPane ACID CD Rom $39.99
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Only $39.99 Celestial WindowPane features over 1000 acidized loops designed to allow you to create Space Techno and otherworldly dance music.  Tell me more!

Out of Stock

For ACID/Sonar/Ableton Live

Note: TweakHeadz Lab is the sole and exclusive dealer for the above Sample CD Roms.  You can't buy these anywhere else!  (And I plan to keep it that way)

Instantly Downloadable SoundFonts

The Mystik Window

The Mystik Window features SoundFonts taken from the Mystik Garage.  The main drum kit is there with several variations and more! Only $9.99 Use them tonight!  Tell me more!

TweakHeadz Lab's Sample CD Roms

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