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Tascam DM3200 32-Channel 16-Bus Digital Mixer

The Tascam DM3200 is a unique product.  There is nothing else out there like it, at least in the under 4K range.  I have studied this board for months now, though I do not have one--yet!  The purpose of this page is to share some of the things i have learned about the board and give you all the resources you need for your own research.  What is unique about the DM 3200 is that it functions not only as a digital mixer, but also as a control surface AND and audio interface.  One second you can be controlling the virtual faders in your software mixer.  Press a button.  Then you are controlling the actual digital audio i/o of the mixer.

Who needs a DM3200?  Not everyone, for sure.  If you are new to the craft and working on your first sequencer, you are advised to continue doing that until you are fully up to speed.  A product of this caliber adds many variables to .. er the mix. Those that would benefit, and greatly, are those who need lots of i/o for hardware, yet want to be able to integrate their devices with the virtual world of software. 


Lets add up how many devices you can actually have online with the DM3200. 



Lets add that up.  Total: 92 inputs and 80 outputs


To get all that i/o happening you'll need some external devices to convert to TDIF i/o and ADAT i/o unless you are connecting gear that has those connectors.  While you can connect up to 92 channels of devices you can use 48 in a given configuration.  The DM3200 has 32 "full" mixer channels with EQ and compressors and another 16 (auxillary returns) without these processors.  To make an input active you have to assign it to one of these channels


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