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Resources for E-mu Samplers

Cool Stuff

Emu Sampler Resources

Emu's Official Site

The Emulator Archive

Join The discussion on Emu Samplers at Tweak's Studio-Central Forums

Which Soundcards do SoundFonts?

How to Burn an Emu CD Rom on a PC

Surviving SCSI Hell

Using your Hardware Sampler Creatively

SOS article on Z-Plane Filters

DeepSound's Akai Site (includes sample calculators and akai cd burning info--Nice!)



Emu Sample CD Roms, Loops and SoundFonts by TweakHeadz Lab

historical reference only; these are no longer for sale

The Post-Industrial Cyber-Sound Depot
(CD Rom for E-mu EOS The most intensively programmed EOS sample cd rom ever made.


Ice Kold Tekno 3
(for  All Emu Samplers) All the colors of the Korg MS20


The Mystik Garage
(for Emu Samplers).  Strong.  Wicked, Lofi.


Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra
(SoundFonts for the SB Live)  Pure analog goodness in the sf2 format.


Celestial WindowPane
CD Rom for Acid and Sonar) A wide variety of evocative textures, drum loops, bass, old analog with transpotative

Places  to buy CD Rom Drives, Storage Drives, CDRW, Blank Disks

coverTweak: Of course I don't have all the cdrw machines so I can't tell you for sure if they will work with your Emu, but they should. I recommend you carefully check the return policy just in case. Here's a link to the list that works with the golden hawk utilities that I use to burn cd roms.  


Need a SCSI card?  Here's two that many people use on the Emusaic list.  I use the Adaptec 2906 with my e5000  The prices at Amazon are low and you can count on them for speedy service
Adaptec 2906 PC or Mac List $64.99 Get price

Adaptec 2930 PC List $99.99  (win98 and NT only)
Get price

Editing Software for Emu Samplers

ZeoOS by Zuonics

Sound Forge PC Sample Editor

Peak Mac Sample Editor

Recycle Mac/PC Drum Loop Editor (only old versions work with hardware samplers)

Chicken Systems--Translator

Info on Sample CD Roms

TweakHeadz Lab
Your sponsor!
Mystik Garage and Ice Kold Tekno $49.99 each  ORDER

Something really cool Check out the Sounds Online Listening room Listen to demos of the hottest sample cds

Sanctus Angelis--Lots of info on samplers, hard and soft, and links to cd roms

Sonic Reality

Advanced Media group

Discovery Firm Inc.

Analogesque EOS Banks

Rarefaction--Poke in the Ear

Ueberschall Sample Service


Big Fish Audio

Northstar CD Roms

Time-Space CD Roms

East-West Sample CD Roms

Illio, Spectrasonics.CD Rom Catalog

Voice Crystal Sample CD Catalog

GreyTsounds Catalog

KID Nepro

Bolder Sounds

Pro Rec Sounds Online Pro-Rec's Site on AOL

Rob Papen Sound Design & Music.

William Coakley Sound Design

Samples & Sounds: Phila.


Steinway Samples

Rubber Chicken Software Co.

Emu User's Sites

Sound Forge User's Page


Gear Sites

zZounds sells EMU gear at great prices

Emu Proteus Module Resources

TweakHeadz Lab
Your sponsor is a P2k third party developer

Rich's 128 Free P2k Patches

Tweak's Review of the Proteus 2000

Tweak's review of the XL-1

The Proteus 2000 site

UltraProteus Z Plane Filters

SynthZone Emu Page  Lots of links to sites with info on Emu Synths and Samplers

Planet Groove

Review of the Emu XtremeLead module

E-mu Proteus 1 Review


Free Sample Sites

(Lots of GREAT Samples--but use at your own risk!)

Full Blown Kirk - An archive of original loops and samples created by Full Blown Kirk.

Audio Superloops - drum loops and samples -  trip hip hop, urban, techno, alternative rock, and reggae  by real drummers

St. Einar's Pad-O-Lution (currently offline)

Loopasonic - Free loops and samples.

Selected AFX Loops - Contains several Aphex Twin samples.

e-drummer - free drum loops played by a drummer.

Crowley'z Word

Keith Crosley's 

Keyboard Magazine Sample Site   FTP site

TweakHeadz Lab Free Samples

Sound Central

MIDIWorld's Sound Sources Page  lots of interesting links to sites with downloadable sounds

Dwarf Boys Links to Downloadable Samples

Bolder Sounds Free Sound of the Week

Synthesis Sample Site

SoundFont Sites

TweakHeadz Lab Free 1mb Ms20 Soundfont

Samplecraze SoundFont developers for Emu/Ensoniq. Providers of LICENSE FREE sample cds.
Designers of custom sound banks.

Bjorn Lynne Composer, producer, performer, soundfont designer

Hammer Sounds SoundFont Library

Melody Machine SoundFonts

Magazines, Articles and Reviews

Tweak's Review of the e-5000

Tweak's review of the Planet Earth Module

Tweak's review of the Proteus 2000

Emulator Station FAQ (old)

United Trackers Articles on Sampling--Cool!

Review of Orch Sample CDs at

Rachid's Compilation of the Top 50 Wishes

Computer Music Magazine

Keyboard Magazine

Electronic Musician Magazine

Secrets of Great Sounding Samples

Reviews of all Emu Samplers and Synths at Sonic State

Reviews of Emu Synths and Samplers at Harmony Central

(Emu) Music Machines at Hyperreal

Dwarf Boys Sample CD Rom FAQ

Dwarf Boys CD Rom Reviews

Sample Union (Anti-Piracy Group)

Researching Old Gear?

INDEX of Sampling And Sound Development
Secrets of Sampling
Using your Hardware Sampler Creatively
How to Burn a Sample CD Rom
Surviving SCSI Hell
Resources for Emu Hardware Samplers
Connect your Hardware Sampler to your PC
Emulator X2 Soft Sampler
Working as a Sound Developer
Build your own Soft Synth with SoundFonts
Downloadable Sounds at zZounds
Field Recorders
Audio for Video and Film
Review of Sound Forge
Tweak's Sample CD Roms
Tweak's Synth Patches for Select Synths
Convert your ESI banks to EOS
Zoom H4 Review
Samplers Price List

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