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Korg Triton Family     

The Korg Triton evolved out of the Korg Trinity, the first synth to have a Touchview screen, which is standard on the Triton Extreme and Triton studio, but not the LE, TR or rack.  The Trinity was introduced in 1995 and there were 4 models of it until being replaced by the Triton, which was first introduced in 1999. 

Korg Triton Extreme 88-Key Synth Workstation

The ad says:  No doubt about it. This is the TRITON with attitude. The aggressive new TRITON Extreme is bursting at the seams with more of everything that has made the TRITON family the workstation of choice for tens of thousands of performers, producers and musicians the world over.


Tweak says:  If you are going to get a Triton, get the Extreme.

Search Category:88-Key Synthesizers
Manufacturer: Korg

Tweak's Notes:

There are many models of the triton out there, in different sizes and with different features.  You should not assume that the most expensive Triton Studio is "better".  The Triton Studio only comes with a 48MB Rom.  Compare that to the Triton Extreme which costs less and has a 160 MB Rom.  Also, the Triton Extreme has 2 USB ports on it for use as a MIDI interface and  for data exchange.  The Triton Studio does not have these but has a built in Atapi CD-RW for sample storage.  It also has a SCSI interface for connecting hard drives or additional CD Rom drives. 

Specs do change so be sure to read them

Korg Triton Studio 76-Key Workstation/Sampler

Tweak:  There is a low cost version of the Triton called the Triton LE.  Like the Triton Studio it has the "small" 48MB rom.  Unlike the Studio it has no  touch screen.  You can't add any expansion boards to it other than the SCSI sampling board.  Instead of the Triton LE there are other version of Korg synths that use the Triton sound engine which have a larger rom and modern features that the LE lacks. Take a look at the Korg TR series.


Korg Triton-Rack Image

The Triton Rack.  Now discontinued.  Here is my review. 


Korg TR61 61-Key Synth Workstation

The Korg TR has a 64 MB Rom and like the LE, no touch screen.  You can add the sampling SCSI card if you want, to add drives.  But you may not need to.  The TR comes with a SD Card slot, and you can use up to a 1GB card.  You can save songs, patches and samples on the card.  Also the TR, like the Triton Extreme, has a built in USB MIDI interface. I think the TR has a lot going for it.  


Korg X50 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard

Tweak:  While its not called a Triton, it uses the same Hi-Synthesis that the Triton uses.  64 MB Rom, USB MIDI too, but this time with a twist.  Not only can the MIDI interface connect to your sequencer, but also to a supplied VSTi/AU/RTAS editor.  Cool idea.  This is designed to let you edit your triton within you sequencer



Korg MicroX 25-Key Controller Synthesizer Keyboard
A compact and portable synthesizer that delivers plenty of sonic power, advanced control, and up-to-date integration with computer-based music systems.

Tweak:  The microX is a 25 key keyboard that uses the Korg Hi Synthesis engine.  As a result it sounds like a triton.  I could not tell the difference if blindfolded.  It to has something the Big Tritons lack, a plugin editor (that can alos be used standalone), that allows you to integrate the Micro X with your DAW.


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