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Review of the Cad E-200

CAD E200 Equitek Series Dual Single Diaphragm Condenser Microphone  


Smooth Sound

Switchable directional patterns and pad

Look Great


Does not come with shock mount



The Equitek E200 from Conneaut Audio Devices is a multi-pattern side address microphone designed for recording, broadcast, and sound reinforcement. The implementation of high speed, low noise, low-distortion electronics makes the E200 the ideal candidate for the most critical applications.  

 Great Bang for the buck! Generally regarded as an accurate mic, with less coloration.    Very Cool: Has 3 patterns: Cardioid, Omni and Figure 8.  Handles the Hi SPL that drums requires, yet can handle vocalists--solo or duets and can do guitars and sound fx.  I love the flexibility.  Looks great for impressing clients.  I find it great for my voice (makes it smooth and "silky-bassy", like late night talk radio).  Depending on the source, you can switch in a -10 pad in cardioid mode which makes it VERY quiet.  In Omni mode, with the pad off, it picks up everything in the room (and  the next room if you leave the door open)  It's big and has weight, so don't stick it on a real light boom extended out too far.  In sum, a jack of all trades, perfect for a serious home studio, IMO.

Some say it is "dark", I think not, it's just not artificially bright. It's more of a flat mic.  While it picks up bass, it does not exaggerate it.  To engage the proximity effect you have to get really close.  On the high end, this is not a hyped mic.  For vocals I do end up turning the eq to 1 o'clock and usually after treatment with a software exciter.  But I like my vocals crisp.

It works well with drums thanks to the -10 pad.  I've used it extensively as a sampling mic.  Being able to quickly switch from cardioid to omni and cut the pad is a nice feature.  It does not come with a shock mount, and the adapter is the kind that will resonate with the mic stand. 

Though i haven't tried it, I think this would be a great choice for radio broadcast and those doing film and video production.  The omni mode is very strong and could pick up dialog well on location shoots. 


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