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Review of the
DBX Digital Dynamics Processor

DBX DDP Digital Dynamics Processor
Gating, compression, limiting, de-essing and EQ (both in-path and sidechain) are available in the DDP. The LCD display shows you a digital meter that features peak and average levels at the same time, as well as all preset information. Audio performance is great thanks to 24bit A/D and D/A converters with TYPE IV Conversion System featuring TSE (Tape Saturation Emulation) right on board. Digital input/output is also available. 

Tweak's research on the DDP

check the review at SOS

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Manufacturers brochure


It's very cool.  it's here in the lab.  100 presets of classic compression (50 user definable).  I love the "dark" Tape Saturation Emulation mode and the powerful 3 band parametric eq.  While its not a multiband compressor the compression possibilities for mastering are great.  It's great to be able to try different presets with my mix and find the best one and then tweak to perfection.  There's no digital I/O (coming later as a add-on).  Great metering. The L/R knobs allow for detailed adjustment of stereo side of the mix.    I'm having a great time running my new and old mixes through the DDP and hearing  them come to life. I have mine on the inserts of my main mix bus.  I know some pros will scoff at that, but I don't care. The sound I'm getting is awesome. 


My main beef with the box is that it runs very hot.  The top of the unit over the display is almost too hot to touch. You could cook on it and it will keep your coffee warm all night.  Best to keep it away from modules that can't take the heat.  Also, navigating the many, many parameters is not as intuitive as I like.  I've managed to crash the box 3 times since I've had it (10 months) so the internal software is not bug free.  A hard reset fixes things, but you lose your data unless it's backed up.  

The digital board is not included and is not easy to find.  But the internal a/d d/a is good sounding.  


 I like it.  A lot.  It is quite flexible, extremely tweakable and the results are savable.

get one of your own

Happy Tweaks!


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