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Order Now! Ice Kold Tekno is a Sample CD Rom formatted for Emu samplers based on a wide variety of sounds taken from the vintage Korg MS-20 Synth. It's like turning your 64 voice Emulator into 64 Korg MS20s! Awesome! Over 475 hand-crafted analog samples from the Korg MS20, digitally processed and professionally looped. A big 32 meg bank with 381 refined samples in a full bank of 256 Presets carefully programmed and mapped to controllers, wheels and velocity.  Ready for your sequencing pleasure. (26 banks total, compatible with all current Emulators,Ultras, E4s,E64s,E6400s,E-Synths,ESi32/4000s,E IIIs.
Price $49.99 and shipping
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The Post Industrial CybrSound Dept  is a Sample CD Rom for Emu EOS samplers (will NOT work with ESi samplers) It features a Massive 128 meg bank, crammed 999 samples and 980 presets, This bank of sounds will fill your Emulator to the brim and transform it into a unique master synthesizer, combining samples of analog, digital, PCM and Software synths with a selection of acoustic instruments. Smaller banks are included for compatibility with older EOS machines (E4, Esynth, e64, e6400).  The presets on this CD Rom make extensive use of real time controllers, filters and cords to bring out the unusual and unique sounds.  This is an awesome and complete sound palette for the contemporary retro sound, as well as for exploring the cutting edge of ambient and industrial sound.  
Price $79.99 plus shipping
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Order Now! The Mystik Garage is a Sample CD Rom formatted for all Emu Samplers.  It features Lo-Fi Sound FX, unusual drum Kits, and lots of samples to add spice to your compositions. If you want that hip lo-fi element in your compositions, this disk will work for you!  Over 525 Unusual Samples (425 in the Main 32 meg bank).16 different kits each with 88 different sounds. Every preset is routed through a generous array of real-time controllers.  Sequencer ready, Armed with Attitude, and Dangerous.  38 banks total, compatible with all current Emulators, Ultras, E4s, E64s,E6400s. E-Synths, ESi32/4000s, and E IIIs.)
Price $39.99 plus shipping
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Order Now! The Ice Kold Tekno Orkestra is a combination SoundFont CD-Rom, Audio Sample CD and Wave File Collection. It will turn your SoundBlaster Live into an amazing virtual analog synth! This collection features over 580 samples from the vintage Korg MS-20. Samples were drawn from Ice Kold Tekno and reprogrammed to take advantage of the SoundFont environment. There are 20 unique SoundFont banks of various sizes. The Main Bank is approximately 17 megs and has 309 Samples, and over 530 Presets of Pure Techno-Power. Compatible with the SB Live and Live-Value (including the new MP3 sound card).
Price $49.99 plus shipping
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Order Now! The Celestial Windowpane is a Sample CD Rom designed to be
used with Sonic Foundry's ACID program. The CD Rom features
over 1000 loops designed to make Space Music with a Dance
Music Feel.
It may also be used with other digital audio applications
that import standard .WAV files. Celestial Windowpane features
powerful drum loops, bass and synthesizer sequences from modern
and vintage equipment, a tremendous variety of sound effects designed
to work with space music and cinematic orchestra textures.
 Price $39.99 plus shipping

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These disks are not available from any other website. 

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