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M-Audio Project Mix I/O Control Surface/Interface
Today, more professional music is produced at home than ever before -- and the new ProjectMix I/O delivers what you need to take your computer-based studio and productions to the next level. Seamless integration with all major DAW software. The ability to record directly into industry-standard Pro Tools sessions. Faders so you can feel the mix with your fingertips instead of dragging a mouse. On-board display of critical parameters for intuitive operation. Motorized control to craft more accurate mixes.


Ableton Live  The Live is an audio sequencer that you can play like an instrument. Whether on its own or with other musicians or DJs, live on stage or when remixing in the studio, all you need is Live and a Mac or PC Tweak:  Read my full review.  I have heard so many great things about this program, I had to try it..  It got a "Key Buy" award from Keyboard.  Read up at   This is a real-time music sequencer that uses loops, audio files and outstanding effects that you can use LIVE.  Works with ReWire applications too, like Reason and Rebirth!  Mine just arrived.  It is awesome!  If you are on the Mac and envy all the PC dudes using ACID, hehe, you won't anymore!  If you are on the PC and think you have yer loops covered, guess again! This program is new, a little blood on the sword, but its HOT! If you ever tripped out to chemical beats, its a must have. Hey babe, wanna trance? It here!
Mackie HR624 Active Reference Monitor (6 in., 2-Way)

The Mackie HR624 is a THX-approved, 6 in. 2-way active reference monitor that provides the same legendary accuracy of Mackie's HR824 in a more compact, lighter-weight, lower-priced package. Tweak: I think the HR624 is brighter and has a smoother top than its big brother, the HR824, and the bass was more than one would expect from a 6" cone. I am considering this and the Mackie sub might do quite well. Note the prices are for single speakers. Talk with others about it in my studio-central community  Mackie's Online Brochure  Talk about it here:


Lovely Item! Shure SM57LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone (Less Cable)  Tweak: Every studio needs one.  It can do everything, including vocals (thanks to a rich sounding proximity effect).  Perhaps the only issue with the SM57 is that it does not have as much gain as your typical condenser and you have to boost it with the trim at the board quite a bit more.  But, OTOH, the SM57 does not need phantom power, batteries, power supplies.  Just plug it in and it gives the classic Shure sound.  And you can drop it, step on it, whirl it like a helicopter (for bizarre effects, you tweak you) and it will probably survive.  Read the SM57 User Guide

Talk about the SM 57


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