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Sequencer City--Page 2


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cakewalk pro 3

An old pic of Cakewalk Pro 3  see more on the Vintage Sequencers Page

11/22/02  Logic 5.5 released with the NEW EXS24mk2 code inside.  If you already have the EXS24, download 5.5 and you now have the EXS24mk2 for free.

Cubase SX Now available

Sonar 2.1 is a free download for 2.0 users

The sequencer forum at  has taken off like a rocket.  Go there and read all of Tweak's multi-sequencer ramblings!

Waves updates its plugins to include surround processing! Twont be long, Tweaks, till we'll ALL be doing surround, with the invasion of cheap DVDR machines about to hit. For now. the new surround plugs are Mac only.  But for PC users,  there's also a Free download to 3.6 for all waves 3.0/3.2/3.5 users of the Native Gold Pack



9/10/02  Logic 5.3 released Tweak Sez: The best yet!

9/02/02 Emagic announces the "Switch and Save" program for those opting to switch to macs before Sept. 30. 

8/20/02 The breaking news is no news in terms of the apple/emagic buyout.  A nervous silence?  What will be the direction of Mac-Logic?  While apple struggles along with 1 ghz processors, PCS will soon have 3 ghz processors.  Tweak says, this is a very LOUD silence.

Native announces that Kontakt 1.1 will feature EXS and Halion import.  Because Kontakt works fabulously is Cubase SX, this gives logicians another reason to switch

Cubase SX 1.03 update released with features to allow the use of Mackie Control and Houston.  Some major bugs are fixed. 

Acid Pro 4.0 released.  Tweak reviews it here.  Some bugs abound, but that's par for the course for an x.0 release. Now can run VSTi soft synths and do surround.  Can now use ASIO, but not as smooth as it should be on Delta cards.  You can upgrade from 2.0 to 4.0 at the same cost.  The COOL thing is you can now add your own unique basslines and arp lines in an acid projects instead of searching forever through stacks of loops cds trying to find a bassline that works.

Logic 5.2 released with TONS of enhancements. 

Propellerhead Reason Drum Kits Refill Collection (Macintosh and Windows)
The Reason Drum Kits 2 ReFill is an extensive DVD-ROM library of life-like, multisampled drum kits for Reason's extraordinary Combinator device. Drum Kits 2 is more than just a set of professionally recorded drum kits mapped out across your MIDI keyboard - it's a live drum recording session in a Refill.
Steinberg Sequel Music Creation and Performance Software (Macintosh and Windows)
Sequel is an affordable and easy-to-use music studio designed for first-time computer music enthusiasts. Combining intuitive tools to record, edit, mix and perform music with great-sounding loops, instruments and effects, Sequel is the perfect first step into music production and performance.


TweakHeadz Lab receives mention in the August 2002 issue of Keyboard Magazine.  WooHoo Yeah Babi!

I am putting together a resource page for those thinking of going Mac for the sake of Logic.  You'll see real world prices on Macs and we are going to put OS X driver development under tweak's relentless scrutiny so you know the best time to go pop.  A lot of us are not pleased, and rightfully so! If Tweak smells bad gas, he'll be lighting matches! Bring your air freshener. What's the deal with OS X and VST Instruments?  Why is soft synth industry leader Native Instruments projecting they won't have all their products updated till the end of next year? Hmm. I don't know. But sometimes the absence of info speaks louder than info itself.

Kontakt arrives at the Lab.  The next generation soft sampler? You bet. Unlike the proprietary soft samplers that are only Dxi, or only VSTi, or only a Logic-i, Kontakt plays with everyone.  Proprietary thinking is a dead relic of the 90's, IMO. Long live the new king of soft samplers. 16 channel multi-timbral operation of the host sequencer support it complete with its own FX rack.  Read more.

The Tweak reviews Cubase SX.  Read and weep here!

Emagic to offer Free crossgrade to Logic Mac for PC users I had a feeling this would happen.  Bloody nice of them eh, old chap?  Read about the free migration to Mac formally announced July 5. MacCentral

Apple buys Emagic!  Emagic announced today, July 1, that all PC development of Emagic Logic Audio will be officially discontinued as of Sept 30, 2002.  This was a sad day for PC users of Logic.  Apple computer has bought the company, and plans for Logic Audio are not clear, other than development will continue in some form on the Mac OSX platform. If you want to work on the PC platform, the field of choices is now less crowded.  Cubase SX or Sonar anyone?

Reason 2.0 released.  The Tweak got in on the last round of beta testing.  Did I like what I saw?  Yes.  There's more sonic flexibility and you can now detach the sequencer window from the rack.  Go check out the demo at

Logic 5.1.3 Released  Oh Yeah!  Multiple UNDO is here!  They once said it couldn't be done.  Logic 5 gets better and better. 

Steinberg Cubase SX and VST System Link details released.  It's looking mighty cool.  SX comes with a new user interface, automation, unlimitied undo/redo, surround, more virtual synths and plugins of the most interesting features is support for the new VST system link. In a nutshell, System Link is a way of networking computers using standard digital audio cables (s/pdif, adat, tdif, aes/ebu, etc.).  You can add more computers to your studio easily and multiply the processing power of your entire system.  Imagine, a whole computer that just does Halion, another running a mixer and plugins, a third doing tracking and sequencing.  Stick three people in a room and they can all work on the piece together, each on their own machine.  What a production environment, eh? Didya know that VST System Link will allow you to connect a Mac powerbook (or any mac) to your PC VST system?  Yep. The OS will no longer matter!

Propellerheads are looking for beta testers for Reason 2.0.  If you wanted to break into the beta tester game here's your chance.  Details at

Have News for everyone?  Join the discussion in the Studio-Central Topic dedicated to this article


New product: Ableton Live  The Live is an audio sequencer that you can play like an instrument. Whether on its own or with other musicians or DJs, live on stage or when remixing in the studio, all you need is Live and a Mac or PCTweak:   Read my full review. I have heard too many great things about this program.  It got a "Key Buy" award from Keyboard.  Read up at   This is a real-time music sequencer that uses loops, audio files and outstanding effects that you can use LIVE.  Works with ReWire applications too, like Reason and Rebirth!  Mine just arrived.  It is awesome!  If you are on the Mac and envy all the PC dudes using ACID, hehe, you won't anymore!  If you are on the PC and think you have yer loops covered, guess again! This program is HOT!   Get a price on the Ableton Live


Propellerheads announce Reason 2.0 with a new sampler, granular synthesis module and new "Orkester" sample library 

Native Instruments announces Reaktor Session

Emagic Announces BIG News at the Messe!  and read all about it in a full color .PDF.  Just to whet your appetite, there is an announcement of the Vintage D6 (Clavinet soft synth) the Vintage B3 (oK guess what that is), CD Burning options and a hardware addition to Logic Control called the Phat Channel. A new audio interface, the emi6/2m (not to be confused with the emi2/6), and there is one thing I left out... 

Sonar 2.0 Is released!   Check out the New features:  a new Groove Sampler called Cyclone and Support for ReWire--that's reason and rebirth!  Look out Logic and VST!


Sonar has arrived at the TweakLab for evaluation. Check out my review. My 1st impression, there's power under the hood with DXi instruments and looping and slicing facilities. 


Logic 5.0 is finished and is shipping. Logic Control is shipping..   New emagic Unitor/AMT8 and Emi 2/6 drivers released.


Emu Soft Synth Coming It's true, the die hard of the hardware sampler makers will be turning out a soft sampler.  Reaction has been positive and I suspect there will be a showing at Namm. 



There's lots going on in the sequencer world right now. Whew!  Emagic's announcement has thrown everyone off base.  What the heck is a die hard logician to do?  What does all this mean?  Well I've been working overtime to get you guys the info you need to make informed choices.  I've updated my reviews of sequencers, explored what going to Cubase SX would be like, and have a "Going Mac, Now?" page. Gee.  Just when everything was settling down from going to Windows XP, now we have issues of going to Mac OS X.  As Mac users know, we are at the beginning of this platform, and the seas are bound to be rough for a while with driver updates and code rewrites.  

Three years ago, plugin FX were all the rage.  Two years ago, plugin drum machines and simple synths ended up in our sequencer mixer strips.  Last year, massive full blown software synths and software samplers came about.  This year, we now have whole virtual studio racks complete with their own sequencers landing on the platform of choice.  You can now run sequencers within sequencers if you want.  See my latest article on using Reason within Logic. The really amazing thing is that all of it is sounding better and better.  Soft synths rival hardware synths and the sonic difference between hardware and software samplers is really down to taste.   And the pace gets hotter.  With Logic 5 for example, users will get a full blown software automation system and mastering tools.  Sort of like having a fully automated digital console and mastering studio on your desktop.  This brings more power to your mouse than has ever been known.  More than ever, it becomes critical that you learn about what advanced hardware tools do so you can begin to understand their software equivalents. 

Speaking of plugins, your resident Tweak just did a major plugin overhaul.  I spent major cash to get the best out there.  Now I can tell you about it.   I wrote a page all about plugins and made some recommendations.  Go check it out. 

Right now, on the PC platform, Windows XP is hot. You haven't upgraded yet? Well, it's now safe to do so.  Just about everyone has their issues sorted out.  Even the studios with massive PC based rigs have changed  over.   It's already changing the game as it's making older software obsolete.  Manufacturers that had the foresight to make their applications win 2000 compatible are smiling because their products are typically still working in XP.  Those that rely on win98 code are definitely not so thrilled.  There's still trouble in sequencer-land with older plugins.  Buyer beware.  You will be safe with the majors.  Logic 4, Cubase 5 and Cakewalk Pro audio9/ Sonar.  It's just a matter of updating to the most recent version.   Read more on issues with XP. 

The whispers circulating the web is that DAW Notebooks are on the way, and the industry is hoping you will trade in your desktop for one of these expensive leg-warmers.  I added one to my rig, just to have a sequencer with me for the holiday travels. I learned a lot, and tell all!  Read Tweak's article on Goin' 'Mo-Bile: Notebook Audio Workstations, it's cool, funny, and based on real life experiences as I put my new notebook through the rigors of testing.  Only now is it feasible, I mean really feasible, to make the jump.  In case you haven't noticed, Notebooks, what used to be called Laptops, with 1.7 gHz processors are here. They are no longer the sluggish, short session word processors of the last few years.  Unless you've been sequencing in a distant barn in the backwoods, you probably already know that the need to have a full tier rack of hardware synths and effects is no longer.  With some good softsynths and soft samplers, a slim line audio interface, and a decent mic you could actually work sitting on a blanket at the park. At least that is the promise.  Reality is not so willing to go along. You're on the bleeding edge with a PC laptop.  Tweak says, be careful. 

Have to admit, the idea of doing my music out on a sidewalk cafe is something to think more about. Sort of the modern day equivalent of taking your guitar along.  Heh, maybe one could be a street musician with Logic audio, sunglasses and a tin cup for spare change from amazed passerbys.  Yes, a new claim to fame, groupies, and new loves? (insert mental pic of favorite sex object here) Lots of possibilities here.  Connect and amp and actually play it on a gig.  (always wanted to recite my dark poetry over extreme music and effects...hmmm...nah better keep that in the closet, lol)

Ok, you might not be ready for Tweak after Dark.  Then maybe you will be ready, the manufacturers hope, for a hardware front end for your sequencer of choice.  Cakewalk started this trend a few years ago with the Peavey studio mix.  Then there was the Tascam box.  Now we have... 



Control Freaks, sign in...

Houston, a 9 touch sensitive motorized faders, 8 rotary encoders with LED position indicators, Large illuminated LCD display, Full transport controls, Jog & scrub wheel, Numeric keypad.  I've seen it, touched it, smelled it and wanted to lick those candy coated buttons.  It looks like an absolutely beautiful piece of hardware. 

Logic Control is coming soon and looking very cool.  Simply connect Logic Control via MIDI to get hands-on control over hundreds of MIDI and audio functions, including the all-new automation system in Logic Audio 5. It offers simultaneous control over multiple parameters of software instruments and plug-ins for unmatched realtime creativity.  You know Emagic has been touring the USA demonstrating these units at Local music stores.  You ought to check one out.  Tell 'em Rich the Tweak sent ya. Gotta cable modem or DSL?  Once LC is officially released, come back to TweakHeadz Lab for a review.  You can read my personal preview on the LC.  Yep, I have one here in the lab right now! 

Why do should you want a Logic Control or Houston?  Eh, let me recount a few reasons.  Ever want to see the faders move in real time to a fully automated mix?  You have 2 hands.  You have 32 tracks.  Need I say more?  OK I will!  Into synths?  Well you can have a channel strip for each of your midi instruments within your multi-timbral synth--beats the heck out of mousing in numbers or dealing with tiny displays.  Are you into soft samplers like the EXS 24? Halion? Envious of megabuck studios running Pro Control on Pro Tools?  You won't be much longer.  Logic Control and Houston will hook right into the functions of their respective host sequencers for the total DAW experience.  I think we are about to see a major change in the way we use sequencers.  Lets see, we have software that emulates hardware, and now get hardware to control this virtual and seemingly infinite tangle of virtual cables.  There are more than mere digital mixers.  They are the surface for virtual studios that would be next to impossible to build in the real world.  Expand your thinking on that sentence to get a clue of what such power might do for your music.

My only question regarding these new control units is which one makes the best coffee? I think I need a little motorized bot that will go out and buy groceries too.  Then I'd never have to leave the studio.   All aside, these products will be a true test of each platform for intuitive design and latency free control.  Can they really enhance creativity?  We will soon see.  That is the touchstone of truth.    

Sneak Peeks

Logic Audio 5.0

Emagic writes:  One of Version 5's standout new facilities is a completely new track-based automation system, capable of dealing with 32 Bit resolution fader values. Automation is tied to individual Tracks, rather than Arrange window objects such as sequences and audio regions. When Arrange objects are moved or copied, the option exists to also automatically move and copy the automation data. Similarly, automation data, sections, or automation nodes, can be moved or copied independently of Arrange window objects.  Tweak: Take a close look at the screen shot by clicking the pic.  What we have here is DAW strength automation.  Read Tweak's preview of Logic 5.0

Cubase VST 5.1

  Version 5.1 will have new VST instruments and Effects plugins and optimized program code for Pentium 3 and 4 computers and also enhancements for Macintosh.  Optimized code, written for specific CPUs is a good thing.  It allows more things to get done faster.  And as we know, speed is critical on any machine that has to deliver music, on time, everytime.


Featured articles on Sequencers:

More coming soon!


Download a Sequencer

Q) What's the difference between Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 and Sonar?

A)  Read this page at cakewalk   Download the SONAR trial version now.  Hey, I really like it.  Surprise, surprise!  First off, don't get confused by the name.  Sonar_is_Cakewalk.  A significant and needed upgrade, but still, the same dude with new clothes, with a rather large pocket of new tricks that jump ahead of Logic and VST in some respects.  Like "painting" loops like you do with ACID.  You can now set the track parameters a lot faster and intuitively.  And its a smooth operator in windows with well thought out right click menus.  Nice new reverb in the set too. Here check it out (short sample mp3.format).  Like that?  hehe.  But that is not what i think of Sonar.  Cake just hit a home run, and the fluidity of audio operation is starting to make Logic and Cubase look a little brittle. 

  Vintage Sequencers Go check it out and see the way it used to be

Lovely Item!M-Audio Delta 1010  Tweak: Works with WinXP!  Do it Right.  Comes with Logic Delta and works with the full version of Logic even better.  Great converters. Punchy sound. Take it to 24 bit 96 kHz or run it 16/44.1.  It won't complain and neither will you. 8 analog I/O and s/pdif as well.  Great with audio and soft synths. Has new  98se/win2k/xp multiclient drivers at the midiman site.  Tweak has it and is not giving it back.Tweak's Pick 

Q) Where can I find Atari Sequencing Software?

A) Well you must check out this site. Tim's Atari Page.    Did you know you can run old Atari MIDI programs on your PC?  Complete with MIDI i/o?  You can by installing the Atari Emulator STEEM on your PC.  It's a free download and many of the programs you see can be downloaded legally as well.






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