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Info on TweakHeadz Lab
and associated sites

Table of Contents for TweakHeadz Lab

Tweakheadz Lab Network consists of four websites Where the articles are kept Where the discussion group is held  Where member's blogs, articles and links to pro gear are held  Where Tweak's Music is hosted


Privacy Policy

I do not sell or give away your email addresses.  My discussion groups allow you to hide your email address and I encourage you to do so.  I do not send unsolicited email.  I truly dislike spam.  My discussion forums do have an auto-responder when someone replies to a message you wrote, but you may turn that feature off. The only way you will get mail from me is if you send me email. I encourage you not to send me email, unless you are a customer of my cd roms.  Instead use the forums to send me a personal message.   If you have questions about this policy, email me  admin (at)


These sites are safe for young and older persons interested in music technology

And I intend to keep it that way.  TweakHeadz Lab and Studio-Central are intended for those seriously interested in making music with computers and welcomes newbies and professionals alike.   I strive to keep this site clean for everyone.  As I teach high school students who may view this website, I ask that all persons posting to discussion groups refrain from offensive remarks and profanity. Illegal activities are not allowed in the discussion forums.  Members found to be using, trading, or promoting the use of illegally obtained software are immediately banned.  IP addresses are logged for every post. There are no known links to pornography, gambling or illegal file-sharing sites.  If one is found in a discussion forum, please inform the site administrator.  Be cool, have fun, learn, teach, ask, answer.

Affiliations with Online retailers is affiliated with, and  Advertising links on my sites will take you to these online stores.  The only products sold directly by my site are my custom sample cd roms. and are affiliated with additional retailers.  In all instances, links take you to the retailer's web store, where transactions take place.  No personal information about you is collected or stored on any of my websites.

Site security

Credit card transactions for purchase of my cd roms are handled by  secure servers at  I pay this sites a commission to handle every detail concerning credit card transactions.   I do not not have any access to your credit card numbers and do not store them or any other information about you on my web servers.  There are no transactions made on this site.


All tips and suggestions on this site are a result of many years of working with music gear.  You can use these tips and advice but only at your own risk.  With the fast pace of music technology, I do not guarantee the information on this site is accurate, correct or up to date.  

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