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Austin Summer Namm
2006 Report

page 10

Uh oh, it's just about time to go.  Let's take one more quick run around the show before they make us go. 

Wildest Guitars at the Show

So many Guitars, so little time and i wanted to play them all.  But to get started, here's some of the most unusual guitars I managed to photograph, of the hundreds of outstanding looking guitars on display.

Guitars by Warrior  The whole line was absolutely stunning


The Harmos MATRAX Totally bold design


Mini Guitar with built in speaker by Goldfish Guitars


Just for you, Dawg!


Want to add a little organicity to your playing?


The Stylist Cabbie Electric Bass by Dean.  Dean had a wonderful line of guitars, priced affordably.  The Cabbie had a list price of $749


ESP had walls of guitars in their booth.  Here's a partiotic one.


Death Metal anyone?  This was in the Ibanez section.


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