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Austin Summer Namm
2006 Report

page 5


TC Helicon Web: TC Helicon


A talented artist delivers great sounding harmonies on the TC Helicon VoiceLive and the VoiceSolo Personal Vocal Monitor.  Take a close look at the VSM300 Voice Solo at zZounds



Martin Guitars

Most Expensive Guitar at the Show Award

If you wanted to talk to people, just hang around this next guitar a while.  You just can't browse this one and not make some kind of comment.  Comments overheard:

"oh will you look at that"

"yeah" (person holding head like it might fall off)

"oooo, that is CRAZY"

"That costs more than my house"

"How come there are no security guards watching it?"

"Oh I'll bet they are here somewhere"

"Hey, it's out of tune"

"Honey, don't touch it!"


Not exactly the guitar you'd take along camping. Solid Brazilian Rosewood on the back and sides.




Ok, this is the top of the Martin limited edition line.  There are 50 of them and they were made following the millionth Martin Guitar made.  Solid Brazilian Rosewood is quite rare these days.  You can find out why at the Martin site.

Browse Some Martin guitars that we might be able to afford.




Schecter Guitar Research

There were many attractions at the Schecter booth.

And some of them were guitars.

Browse some Schecter Guitars


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