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Hot Tips


Tip #1:

Focus on what touches the sound!

(Hint, it's NOT the computer)

Excellent Microphone
+ Excellent preamp
+ Excellent Converters
+ Excellent Monitors

=Great Sound!


Tip # 2 Knowledge IS Power!

Great Performances
+recording technique
+ Inspired MIX
+ Mastering

= Professional Quality Production

Let Tweak shorten your learning curve.  Learn, Experiment, Gain Experience--that is the true road.


Tip # 3 Stop Comparing your Music to "OPM" (other people's music)

Your music is about you! Not them.  Yes. it's a scary journey.  But that is where your personal treasure trove of musical gold lies.  Don't be an imposter.  Dig yourself.


Tip # 4 Bass Kills

Many tracks have unneeded bass which when summed together can destroy your mix

This site has tons of tips!


Tip # 5 Headroom is more important than Loudness 

Making your tracks "as hot as possible" is an analog throwback that no longer applies to digital.  Recording at 24 bit, you'll get a better sound, and a better mix, if you give yourself a generous cushion between your signal and 0db on the meters.



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