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Why Everyone Thinks Today's Music Stinks




Let's talk greed (the desire to make one's own lot better at the expense of making someone else's worse) and what we call reality. The greed of corporations is blind to its real effects in the world.  It's main technique is to convince you to buy things from their company, and not the other company.  The music-media industry works by the creation of fads and lifestyles for teenagers.  There is little else for them to work with.  Romantic Love, Race. Death. Violence. Sex. They choose these things not out of evil intent, but simply because they sell. As we become over-saturated, these aspects become 'normalized', objectified, concrete and worst, taken for granted.   By perpetuating these as virtues, the world re-creates alienation on a daily basis.  The recording and music industry as well as television and movies, which only sees itself as a business, does not see its true function in the world as the definer and distributor of mass reality, mass illusion, replacing what religion used to do. Just don't watch TV for a month then turn it on and watch the producers and directors jack your emotions around with an appeal to your deepest values.  As all musicians know, music is about creating energy. I think it strange that we as a culture perpetually create musical energy forms that harm us, rob us of intelligence and enslave us to fantasies.

The huge question for the future for all of us is--what do we want to be real. In a word, what is value?  Reality, as we will come to know it, is malleable, not fixed.  Music will have to go inward to find truths outside perpetuated illusion. Music is one of the primary carriers of change.  As time advances, will find more accurate and honest links between sound and sensuality and experience.  Music may control mood with such depth that it might become like a drug, especially when it hits a new grounding in values.  The real power of music to not only alter one's temporal state, but to fundamentally change the essence of a person is about to be discovered.  This, of course,  only happens when we remove the irresponsible people out of the music industry.  Indeed, they hold our culture hostage! How many more silly love songs do we have to endure before artists that truly connect others are let in the box?  How many more Britney-bods are going to be on the screen before music gets real?  The longer we allow greed to be "acceptable" in our order of things, the longer we will wait for real music to appear and popularize.  Once it does, we will never, ever go back. 

The giant bulwark to be moved is our fixation on sexuality as a culture.  It is not currently escapable.  Underlying our sexual obsession is simply a desire to feel connected.  With the mass networking of beings about to happen, connectivity promises to subjugate sex. It will someday be seen as something only mentally challenged people want to pursue. I know that sounds weird now. One big problem for songwriters is, what the heck are you going to write about? This is why, perhaps, techno and trance have really spun out lately.  You don't have to talk.  Talking throws you back into the old world of love story fantasy.   Hey, this is just a reading from my crystal ball.  That is the very point where the human species evolves. It will be in our music long before it changes our behavior.  Sure, we as a culture loves songs about loving someone for the rest of your life.  Anyone who has been married knows this is myth, not reality. Just an example of how our music perpetuates lies and swoons us into regulating our lives by them.  The honest issue is how do we raise children.  In an unconnected, alienated world, issues like these are big problems.  In a connected and understanding world, there are guiltless, creative solutions. 

Reflect on this.  What created the counter culture in the 70's?  Music did because the record industry allowed it. Did they make money?  Oh, man oh man, did they.  What ended the Vietnam war? Gave women more freedoms? Made environmental awareness a political act?  Forced politics into focusing on its inherent racism? The counter culture.  Something was transmitted through the airwaves of music that transformed a generation. In the music, ALL of us connected. Music touched a new value and by touching value, it created history. Those moments foreshadowed the possibility of connectedness, without an actual physical network to make it happen other than radio and records. We will touch value again in music and in other cyber media.   

Once freed of the tyranny of the selfish recording industry, the distribution of music will be global and immediate. The selfish wealthy people running major record labels don't realize it was the connectivity that gave them their power. They can only continue to hold it by restoring connectivity and enhancing it.  If their greed is so blinding, it is time to remove those irresponsible, unconscious people from power. They hold way more power than your congressman or president.  But you won't need to do anything to make this happen.  Money always flows towards connectivity, be it television, computers, cell phones, or napster,, or the next more efficient solution.  Right now, it only flows towards them because we allow ourselves to be succumbed by false desires that hurt us in the long run.

I remain, the Tweak


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